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Mounting camera on the street side.


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I am planning on getting a rearview Haloview camera with monitor. The monitor can view several cameras at once.    I would be able to take the monitor from the truck and put in the Oli and be able to monitor at least the rear and the curb side of the camper while we are inside.  (if I'm able to mount the camera on the curb side.

The camera requires a 12 volt supply. I was thinking of placing a camera just  below the awning and and to the rear of the main door.   Does any one know if there is an area open to the outer shell from the inside of the camper?  Like behind the microwave or above the fridge from the outside?  I would like to try to fish in a wire from the desired outside location into the area behind the switch panel is as you enter the camper.

Here is where I was thinking.  I would prefer above the Outside light.


I know this is a long shot. I hate to drill a hole in the camper unless I know I can get a wire strung.

Any Ideas?


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That is an excellent area (either one) to be doing what you have planned.  Not only is there an access "port hole" inside the kitchen cabinets where you can get to both ground and positive power, but you can even get to - or at least close to the specific area you are looking at.  Be a bit careful when poking around in the kitchen cabinets making sure that you lift the mats in the bottom and find the wires that run in a channel at the rear base of those cabinets.  Since those types of cameras take very little power, you can slave off almost any circuit.  I would guess that there is only a small hole behind that "porch" light that does not give you a bunch of access.  However, there are a couple of Forum members that have been behind those that can tell you for sure what is there - Mossemi is one of them.

Good Luck!


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Either of those areas should be relatively easy to access. There is an interior shell that forms the back of the upper cabinets. The 4 inch port in the forward end of the curbside cabinet will allow you access to all the wiring going to the switches mounted to the right of the entrance door. You can pull power and ground from that area.

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I think that spot would work, but have you considered the other issues with a side location? Driving rain or road splashes, stone or bird impacts, tree branches, etc. A rear location is very protected, other than being in a low pressure area (dust or water on the lens) but you really should have some sort of guard or shield on the side one(s).



Please start an Install thread, I am sure we will be interested to see how this turns out.

John Davies

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I replaced all 4 of my outside light fixtures with fixtures that have 2 sets of LED bulbs, one set is white like the stock lights and the other is amber which is what I really wanted.  The 2 different light sets required an extra power wire and a 3 way switch.  The front curbside light was a the easiest of the 4 lights to fish a new power wire from the access port above the microwave location as Steve mentioned above.  It was a challenge to work through a 1/4''' hole that I eventually enlarged to 3/8'' which was okay because the new light fixture would cover the hole.  If I remember correctly, I used a of solid copper wire.  It was a piece of either #12 or #14 gauge wire I had in my wire box.


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Thanks everyone for the input,  Mossemi  I'm glad you had been adventurous and found i way to get the wire fished through there.  I have a open switch hole in my panel for backup camera.  I was going to use that switch for turning both the rear view and side camera at the same time. Though I really don't think I need the Curb side camera while driving while driving.   Mossemi, If I get real daring and these cameras work, I Will contact you about accessing the street side.



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Early 1999 Ford F250 SD 7.3L Diesel 

2020 Elite II Twin -  Hull # 648

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