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Use the right fuel

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Next question: which car make/model was that bracket originally intended for? Something from the 70s-90s with the gas cap behind the license plate. (Which was an awful idea. Remember fighting the license plate while trying to get the nozzle in?)

Stephanie and Dudley from CT.  2022 LE2, Hull #1150: Eggcelsior.

Tow vehicle: 2016 GMC Sierra 6.0 gas dually 4x4.

Our Oliver journey: Steph and Dud B's RV Screed

Where we've been RVing since 1999:


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I always top off the Outlaw Oliver whenever I stop for diesel in the Silverado. Crap, now I wonder where all that unleaded gasoline has been going...

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Steve, Tali and the dogs: Reacher and Rocky plus our beloved Storm, Maggie and Lucy (all waiting at the Rainbow Bridge)

2008 Legacy Elite I - Outlaw Oliver, Hull #026 | 2014 Legacy Elite II - Outlaw Oliver, Hull #050 | 2022 Silverado High Country 3500HD Diesel 4x4 





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My '71 Chevelle had this. There was slot for the cap that held the plate bracket open. Gas theft was high back then and you didn't want to grab my plate in the wrong place!

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Our Elite II doesn’t specify fuel type, so I’ve been using diesel for better mileage.  Still haven’t found the DEF tank though. 🙂


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2019 Oliver Legacy Elite II - Hull #461

Tow Vehicles:

Primary - 2019 Ford F-250 SuperCab 4x4, 6.2L Flex-Fuel engine 

Backup - 2019 Nissan Armada 


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