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Elite I bed across the back and adding some color

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We were accustomed to separate single beds in our pop-up A-frame.  Since picking up our Elite I Hull # 1209 on August 11, we are trying a single bed across the back for my wife, that we leave in place.  I use the dinette bed across from the galley, putting it up each evening.  This keeps us from having to crawl over each other during the night.  It also creates more space by not having the large dinette and opens up a seat on each side in front of her bed.    I simply made a plywood support and use the small fiberglass extension that was in the closet.  The 4 small side cushions are the middle of the bed and we have a 3 inch memory foam over the cushions that extends across the back.  By no means will this work for everyone, but we're not very large so it seems to be working well for now. Having lots of small pillows, that I recovered, helps for lounging around in the evening while watching a movie or reading. The valances are on 1x2 poplar with the fabric stapled to it and velcro holds them in place very well so far.  I borrowed Foy's ceiling panel design.  I did have him make me one of his beautiful shower mats! 




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Really like what you did with the bed in the back and we are considering doing the same, however, we just ordered an Elite 1 and will not receive it until May 2023. 

Taking this idea a step further, we are thinking about making the side dinette in to a permanent bed too and then install a Lagun mount with tabletop at the back. This could also be used as a prep table next to the stovetop by swiveling it there. I suppose we will have to see how this will work after we get our Ollie. 

David Purkey

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