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Carpeting, ooh, fancy!


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That's pretty dang impressive! Normally, I shy away from the thought of carpet, but if anything was to change my mind, this nice looking quality carpet would. I'm currently hanging out in the Appalachians with SeaDawg, JuniorBridMan, ScubaRX, and Herm. The temps will be in the high 30's tonight, which can make the "2am dash" dicy. :o Does your friend have any contact information he'd like posted here?

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Does seem like it'll be really nice for cold camping, but also the ability for it to catch dirt and then take it out and shake it and wash it. I wouldn't want anything permanent in there, but this that can be pulled out should be amazing!


Anywho. It is:Clint Spencer <SpencersClint - AT - gmail.com> (didn't want to post it exactly for the spam bots)


Spencer's Carpet Outlet & Tile

585 Lake Havasu Ave N,

Lake Havasu City, AZ



(928) 453-3010


You can talk to anybody there, but they'll probably just pass it of to Clint anyway.

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Nice job! That looks great.

I ordered a custom sized 4 x 12 Water Hog carpet, but they sent me a 4x16 because it was already made. It actually wasn't 4' wide, but it worked out better anyway. I haven't glued them down, so I can easily pull everything out to hose down when need be. It's not as fancy as the one piece, but we love having the carpet and this Waterhog is so durable. I think the color worked out great too! 

Ollie water hog 1.jpg

water hog 2.jpg

water hog 3.jpg

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Not looking for carpeted walls. Yikes. 

But, carpet tiles, for floor, c removeable,  could replace runners that many of us use  .

Waterhog makes nice products.

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