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Wifi and streaming in our ollie

Dena Hill

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We use AT&T on a Netgear Nighthawk as our primary and Visible on our phones as a backup.  

On our resent three-week trip down the Oregen and Northern California coast, we used AT&T for all but three nights.  Two nights the Visible signal was better and one night we didn't have signal on either.

I like the AT&T as primary because it is not limited to 5 kbps like the Visible although, 5 kbps really is all we need for our use.  


Andrew, Carianne and Buffy | San Diego, CA

2019 Legacy Elite II Hull #468 "California Burrito" | 2018 BMW x5 35d 

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We use Verizon mobile service with our iPhone as a hot spot which works good in all but the more remote spots. You can check out campgrounds in advance online and often find out what carriers work at their locations.   

Elite II, Hull #47 |Ford 150, 5.0L


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AT&T, for years. All over the lower 48, In Western Canada and Alaska.

Steve, Tali and the dogs: Reacher and Rocky plus our beloved Storm, Maggie and Lucy (all waiting at the Rainbow Bridge)

2008 Legacy Elite I - Outlaw Oliver, Hull #026 | 2014 Legacy Elite II - Outlaw Oliver, Hull #050 | 2022 Silverado High Country 3500HD SRW Diesel 4x4 





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During our fall camping trip to State Parks (& COEs) in VA, MD, PA, OH, WV & TN, we found the following (rating cell coverage from 0 (no signal) to 4 (good enough to stream) using cell & Mifi.

VA, Powhatan SP, Verizon & AT&T 4; VA, Shenandoah River SP, Verizon 1, AT&T 4; MD, Swallow Falls SP, Verizon 1, AT&T 4; PA, Ohiopyle SP, Verizon & AT&T 4; PA, Cook Forest SP, Verizon 0, AT&T 2; OH, West Branch SP, Verizon & AT&T 3; OH, Delaware SP, Verizon 1, AT&T 2; PA, Ryerson SP, Verizon & AT&T 0; WV, Riffle Run COE, Verizon & AT&T 0; WV, Camp Creek SP, Verizon 1, AT&T 0; TN, Panther Creek SP, Verizon 4, AT&T 3; TN, Long Branch COE, Verizon & AT&T 2.

‘22 Ram 1500 4x4 Eco-diesel | ‘22 OTT LE2 hull # 1056 | Eastern VA 


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