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Quality Assurance

Oliver's 4 Stage Quality Inspection

At Oliver Travel Trailers, we take Quality Assurance very seriously. We know our customers understand the connection between high quality and value, so all Olivers undergo a rigorous four-stage inspection process.

Stage 1
Incoming Materials Inspection

Before your travel trailer construction begins, we have inspected the critical components that will be used. Our incoming materials must also be checked and verified before they are stocked. Materials failing to pass the verification stage are moved to a designated quarantine area for follow-up.

3 stage passed quality check

Stage 2
Production Inspection

We have a robust in-production inspection process. Our quality assurance team thoroughly inspects the trailer in each production section. The travel trailer will only roll on to the next production section with a complete pass by one of our Quality Inspectors. Through feedback from this program, we improve our training and education on the construction of our Olivers and the components and materials that go into all travel trailers.

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Stage 3
Final Inspection

As thorough as every inspection has been until the final production stage, we are still going! We now perform a detailed inspection to ensure the trailer is road-ready! We are committed to our family of Oliver owners, whom we will always keep. The commitment of Pride, Superior Craftsmanship, and an Unrivaled Desire will be the best start to your adventure.

final quality inspection

Stage 4
The "Shakedown"

shake·down /ˈSHākˌdoun/ noun; a test run of a new product or model, especially a vehicle or ship.

A free night of camping in your brand new “Ollie” at a nearby campground, or if you prefer to stay even closer, you may hook up in front of or behind our sales office.

We are confident that your new Oliver will be road-ready!

stage 4 shakedown quality

If any questions or concerns arise during your shakedown, we want you to be close by so we can address them before you travel home or hit the open road. This is one of many things that make up “The Oliver Difference”.

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