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Oliver Delivery Day

You Oliver Delivery Day is Special

The day you take delivery of your new travel trailer at the Oliver Sales & Service Center in Hohenwald, Tennessee, is always filled with excitement and anticipation. We feel the same way and look forward to helping you get familiar and comfortable with your custom-built Oliver.


We start with a customer education class that teaches you how to use everything inside and out. We follow a checklist to ensure all standard items and the options you requested are correct and in working order. Once satisfied, we will finish your paperwork. But that’s not the end of our delivery process. We will help you get hooked-up and educate you on safety equipment, including safety cables, a breakaway system, and weight distribution/sway control.

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First Night is On Us

We encourage our customers to stay a night in our campground adjacent to our Sales & Service Center. That way, if any questions arise, we are not far from you.

If you want more information on our travel trailer buying guide, you may follow the button below to our "Buyer's Guide".

Travel Trailer Buyer's Guide
oliver delivery travel trailers

Thank you,
the Oliver Family

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