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  1. We also use a refrigerator fan and always use propane for the best efficiency. We also use a fridge thermometer and adjust accordingly. For instance, setting the fridge to level '6' gives a different performance when we're on the Oregon coast versus the high dessert. I check temps daily because I don't like frozen romaine lettuce 🤣
  2. I suspect much depends on how much time you spend in the Ollie. For us, it’s just a few weeks a year. We are older and can manage without cuddling for the days between trips . At our ages, it’s more important to be able to stumble out of bed in the middle of the night to use the restroom. It’s also more important to be able to easily access the attic storage over the beds. Different strokes for different folks. More importantly, enjoy your travels! ❤️
  3. You might want to reach out to Oliver directly. The last I heard they were no longer accepting deliveries of southern mattresses. If you decide to go that route you would have to take delivery yourself. I also read that Oliver has changed distributors and no longer offers KTT. We have the KTT mattresses and find them extremely comfortable. They are latex. I believe the southern mattresses are a traditional spring mattress or a hybrid? I remember talking to Southern mattress on the phone when we made our 2019 order. They were telling me about the composition of their mattresses but we ultimately decided to order the latex based on previous experience with that type of mattress. Also we knew that if we ordered the southern mattresses that we would have to toss the foam mattresses that Oliver provides because they did not want to give us a credit for them. We thought that was a bit wasteful.
  4. We’ve used our composting toilet since we picked up our trailer in 2019. We’ve never had any odors. If you put your ear to the fan you should be able to hear it. It’s very quiet but I would start with that. We buy our choir online but yesterday we were at Costco warehouse and they had the bricks in stock in the gardening section. I imagine any garden center would offer it. Make sure you have enough choir (you should fill it up until it reaches the horizontal agitator bar) and of course you know to turn the handle. When we set up the toilet we make sure that the choir is moist. Not wet, just moist. I’m sure you’ll receive a lot of helpful suggestions! Good luck and sounds like you’re having fun on your first journey!
  5. Our 2019 model was ready. We had a cooler of food ready to transfer and cooked dinner in our Ollie that evening. We made chili in the little 3 quart Instant Pot 😋
  6. I I l loved making up our beds but with current wrist problems, we got two of these. https://www.costco.com/duvalay-x-large-sleeping-pad-by-disc-o-bed.product.100494488.html They're like sleeping bags but better, they're not constricting and you can wash the outer covers and/or the interior duvet. Comes with a built in pad that you can use, or not. I'll miss the aesthetics and having the bolster pillows to act as a daybed, but the payoff is less pain.
  7. Regarding options : I can’t imagine doing without at least one awning. We have a fully loaded Oliver. We definitely wanted solar and a composting toilet. Fyi: there was no negotiating to be done when we placed our order for the 2019 model. I do think that some people have had discounts when ordering certain option packages but I suspect there won’t be many discounts for the 2023 models just because prices have risen so sharply. If budget is a consideration, you might want to consider a well-maintained used unit. Thank you for your service.
  8. I wonder if a water leak alarm would work at this location? Some are battery operated but if there is a 2nd plug in the fridge outlet, could you use a electric version? We have one of these at home, it lays in a metal tray under our HVAC system.
  9. If the lien holder is local to you, simply meet the buyer here and have the transaction done locally. They pay you, you pay the loan off right there and then. Then you can sign over the title once it's clear. I would personally ask for a wire transfer because that can be really quick (not on a Friday afternoon but a weekday in the morning) and there are no worries of fraud with a cashiers check, etc. This would require some advanced planning as you'd need an appt with your lender. Don't know the specifics of your camper, but it's relatively easy as long as you sell for more than your loan balance. Good time to sell, resale values have increased with the advent of the 2023 model price structure. Good luck! We'll be listing our Ollie in June so we're already thinking of the process.
  10. We too got some samples sent to us. We received fabrics and countertop and flooring samples.
  11. We're preparing to sell our Ollie so I downloaded the current pricing worksheet to see what changes there are for 2022.. Checking off the options we have on our 2019 unit, it would cost over $10K more to buy it today. Still cheaper than an Airstream and better quality to boot.
  12. One of our favorite spots is Fort Stevens. We live a half hour from Valley of the Rogue. LaPine State Park is in a nice area but pretty warm in the summer. When there was discussion previously, the thought was that Oregon was TOO West and certainly too North. Folks were talking about Arizona and I think Utah? Someone at Oliver was working on finding a place but I guess they've giving up on the idea.
  13. We're here in Oregon and remember at one point (pre-Covid) when there was some talk about a 'West' Rally. We're toying with attending the East Rally in Alabama in 2022 but wondering if there might be something in the works closer to home.
  14. Will you be using the refrigerator? It will tax your solar/batteries at night. We currently have a propane leak (regulator needs replacing). We're on the road and while I'll keep the fridge cool using solar/batteries during the day, I'll turn the fridge off at night. We use the propane alot, we have the propane outlets at the front and rear to hook up a Weber grill, some folks use them for propane fire-pits. Our Truma water heater uses propane,, I just can't imagine being propane free, it's messing up this trip for sure! LOL
  15. Thanks Mike, I opened a service ticket with them earlier. Good to know that they can source them 👍🏻
  16. Just returned from a trip and found that one of the center caps on the wheel is missing. Hull No. 463, 2019 model year. Anyone happen to know the manufacturer so I can source a replacement? I've put a service ticket with Oliver but I know they've changed the wheel design on the newer units.
  17. Open up the blackflow ...... the black T handle. depending on how you outfit your Oliver, it's either a black handle near the floor to the left of the toilet, or it's in the closet if you upgraded.
  18. Yeah, that group does an annual ride for a few days each September. We too are recumbent 'trikers' and enjoy riding there and across the bridge in Washington. We're hoping to get over there next week if the smoke lifts.
  19. We LOVE Fort Stevens and try to stay there a few times a year. The beach, the Columbia River and a lake all within the same park. Bike riding is fun on the paths. Just a wonderful spot, perfect for a September rally!
  20. We purchased an ARE cap and yes, they are color matched. Ours has LED lighting which helps at night. We have over $20K of product in the bed of the truck and wanted it protected from the elements and prying eyes when traveling with and without the travel trailer. https://www.4are.com/product/z/
  21. Good tips! Refigerator/Freezer space is limited so I plan our meals in advance so that we only take exactly what we need. We're leaving in a week so today I made lentil sloppy joes, sweet potato and black been burgers, vegan chili and chunky veggie soup. Those are now in the freezer ready to go. I used to put brown rice in freezer bags but since freezer space is so limited, I now purchase the brown rice in those shelf stable packets that I keep in the pantry. We use shelf stable soy milk that can be stored until ready to be chilled in the fridge. At home generally I eat a large green salad each day for lunch and during our last trip I made individual containers for the week but they FROZE 😳 I think the fridge was stuffed too full? Since that trip, I've decided that veggie sandwiches will be a better choice. Oatmeal for breakfast with berries. I find the fridge and freezer are large enough for a weeks worth of groceries, we eat LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies and they are bulky. We find that taking a cooler helps, we keep waters, beer and wine in that and it helps free up room in the trailer refrigerator. I'm thinking of figuring out some menus using freeze dried components because those are lightweight and can be put into baggies just like the backpackers use. Mostly for soups, stews, chilis.
  22. We bit the bullet and rented an enclosed garage nearby. They added an electric outlet so we can keep it connected to shore power to keep the batteries charged. This worked for us since we can't store RV's in our neighborhood. Decades ago, we used RV covers. They are HEAVY, especially when wet. At the ages we are now, there is no way I want my husband on a ladder to do this task. In fact, I recently removed the ladder from the front closet for this reason. Please consider the safety factor when making your decision.
  23. Easy enough to find out. Deduct the tongue weight of the trailer and then the weight of your bodies and anything you've added on to the truck after market. Then you'll know what's left for 'stuff'.
  24. 1050. Less than the spec sheet. Options add up: Moonroof, running boards, etc, etc.
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