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  1. First of all let me state that this year didn't go exactly as planned. What we intended to be an extended visit to our home state of 6 weeks ended up being 6 months mainly due to unforeseen doctor visits. That being said, the year was split half and half driveway surfing and camping on government lands. For staying on government lands and us being over the age of 62 we have the Senior Pass America the Beautiful. This pass gives a 50% price break while staying in the multitude of government controlled lands. Check it out online, well worth the $80 price. I can't answer your question specif
  2. This pic just taken looking out my front door. I guess it ain't quite done with me. lol The second pic is from yesterday, same view. Things change quickly here.
  3. My wife and I have lived and traveled in our LE2 since delivery May 2nd 2018. It's been great.
  4. I'm really glad I found this post. I've been running factory 80psi for a year now. Last year the bathroom door mirror broke. This year the power head came loose on the street side stabilizer. I don't have a TPMS installed yet so I'm going to drop to 60psi. I run a little heavy since I have my fresh water tank full before I hit the road. I have always made it a point to adjust my side mirrors so that I can see my trailer tires, check tire pressure each day cold and check tire temp with infrared handheld at fuel stops. When I change tires, I'll have a monitoring system installed.
  5. Point taken Overland. lol I'm sure that some other name will come to mind. Regardless, this shakedown has really impressed me. I used to take Olivers claim to 4 season camping with a grain of salt but now I can hit my "I believe" button. This unit is a great platform for full timing as a couple as long as you adopt a minimalist mindset and lifestyle.
  6. After a year in my Oliver I wouldn't change a thing.
  7. After a year of living in our Oliver, I'm really glad I chose the solar option. We strictly boondock so having quiet power is very desirable for us. Don't get me wrong I also have a 2000W Honda genset. It is mandatory for us to have A/C power because my wife needs a CPap to sleep well. Based on last years experience I purchased an additional Zamp 160W suitcase unit. Sometimes a little more solar capacity would have been nice. That should eliminate the use of the Honda except for extended periods of foul weather.
  8. Well this concludes the test of my Olivers cold weather trial. Based on how she performed I hear by dub her Snowball. Snowball kept us warm and dry, nothing froze up or broke. Who could ask for more from a machine like this? BTW, If I've hijacked someone else's name for their Oliver we'll work something out. Thanks.
  9. I posted some pics in another thread but will repost them here. Heaton Bay CG outside Frisco CO after a late spring severe snow storm.
  10. Thanks Bill. We have a small usb powered fan. I'll use that next time rather than opening up the camper a 30degF. lol
  11. My Propane/CO monitor went off indicating Propane for no apparent reason last night. Smelled nothing. Aired out the cabin, fault cleared, no more faults since. IDK
  12. John, I checked the specs on the Zamp website and found no amperage capacity mentioned. My solar suitcase came with a port compatible connector and has an in line 30 amp fuse. The port is equipped with 10awg wire pigtails so I believe it should have a max ampacity of 30 amps if I remember my code correctly. I installed the 15amp fuse just in case Oliver used smaller wires after the pigtail. I have a call in to Jason just to make sure I'm not missing something obvious. It didn't make sense to me to fuse 10awg wire at 10amp when my Uglies Pocket Reference says it can handle 30amp with
  13. John nothing looks the same now. As the day went on the temps went up and most of the show melted. I guess in Colorado if the snow stays it has to be really cold.
  14. Thank you Townesw for starting this post. My Chevy 2500 could stand one of these. I suppose they can be made in different lengths. I have a toolbox/60gal fuel tank in my bed. I also carry 50gal of fresh water with me so knowing that these drawers can support a load is very important to me. Additional storage is a plus.
  15. Just a couple more pics to share. As I said solar doesn't do much good, lol. And makeshift generator shelter.
  16. From what I can gather this storm is breaking all kinds of records for this time of year. Solar is useless right now so the generator is my battery charger. I have a Zamp 160W suitcase also but it has a 15amp charge controller that blew the 10amp fuse that is inline on the port. I installed a 15amp to replace it. So far so good, we are warm and dry. Love this camper.
  17. We are currently just outside Frisco CO camping in Heaton Bay CG. Looks like we are in for a severe late spring storm. It's supposed to hit tomorrow bringing up to 18" of snow and last through Tuesday. We are all provisioned up and plan to ride it out. Currently running my Honda generator to top off the batteries. The only thing that I'm doing differently, based on information from Jason, is running the Truma in Economy mode. If anyone has some advice I'm more than willing to listen. In any case I look at this as a really good 4th season shakedown.
  18. I really can't thank Jason enough. We took our rig in for annual service and ended up getting a flat tire on the TV while in the process of getting the brakes on the Oliver to work properly. It was at the end of the day, after dark, in March COLD, when as luck would have it we got the loss of tire pressure alarm. We were inside the gates at the Oliver Factory and Jason helped change the tire. In truth he did most of the work. The next day before we got on the road to head back to South Carolina my wife and I went back to thank Jason and to tell his boss how much what he did ment to us. A reall
  19. On my previous rigs I never gave theft a second thought mainly because special gear was needed to tow them. With my Oliver things are different anyone with a 2 inch ball and a half ton pickup can take them. I lock the Bulldog Hitch with a Proven Industries device and if I'm far enough away I boot one of the wheels. Probably overkill but I like my peace of mind.
  20. E27's my spot. Looking forward to being there. I should have my rig a little over a month by then.
  21. Welcome G&T. Nice to have you with us. How fortunate you are to already have your memory making machine. LOL, some of us still wait. Quite a diverse group of people here all united by a common interest, Oliver Travel Trailers. As you have surely noticed, there are people here with more than a few years experience that freely share their knowledge. This atmosphere will significantly reduce the duration of your learning curve but the vertical component will still be steep. I don't believe this is a bad thing because the sooner you learn the more comfortable you will become. Again, welco
  22. +1, Well said John. As an electrician I had to maintain battery backup systems for high voltage switchgear. Lead acid flooded batteries are systems I will avoid at all costs. Ray
  23. Couldn't put it better so I didn't even try. Warmest wishes to all.
  24. First Hello there, I believe in the old sayings "Whatever can go wrong will" and "Chance favors the Prepared". Just about any thing made by man will have a problem or two. What makes the difference to me is how a company reacts to the problems. Based on my experiences with RV's and in a manufacturing career, Olivers are a very well made product. I walked the factory floor and viewed the process. I've read the comments posted in this forum concerning how the Customer Service reacts to complaints. I feel very confident in the companys commitment to building a quality product and providing e
  25. Thanks guys, I don't want to detract from the OP's newly aquired fiberglass joy machine. lol. I can imagine we all go through the pain of having to wait. Our society is built around NOW! Unfortunately, I'm not real good at being patient. Also, Santa and I are on a first name basis. Many goodies have already made it under the tree.
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