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  1. Thanks for the confirmation of Oliver Travel Trailers' continued dedication to Oliver customers, past, present, and future. "Transition" is a common event in the life cycle of businesses as they mature and grow. With OTT's strong heritage and dedication to building a quality travel trailer that, with proper care, will last a lifetime, you have brought value to the market and joy to many individuals and families throughout the nation. I wish you and all employees of OTT all the best as your company evolves into the future.
  2. Hi everyone. Our forum is a great place to gather and share information about our wonderful trailers. A few years ago (2018) the moderators put together their thoughts on how we should all "play together" here to foster the Oliver Owners family harmony. If you haven't seen these before, please acquaint yourselves with our Forum Guidelines. If you have seen them, consider taking a few minutes to refresh your memories. A family that plays well together is a happy family. Enjoy your trailer as you wander about this great nation! 1OLIVER FORUM GUIDELINES Welcome to the Oliver Forum, a great place for Oliver Travel Trailer owners and future owners to interact, share knowledge, solve problems, and most importantly, to develop friendships. Respectful and considerate responses help build this community. You’ll find a wealth of experiences here, and many owners willing to share their experiences. Have fun, but please keep others’ viewpoints in mind. Respectfully state your point, share your information, or ask your question. Keep it casual and friendly. Reread your post before you hit submit. Is it helpful? Thoughtful? Please try to stay on the original topic of the thread. Confusing the issue may cause the member’s original question to go unanswered. Start a new topic if you have a new question. It’s important for all members to have the environment and opportunity to contribute in a considerate manner, and to learn. Inflammatory and trolling comments shall be removed by a volunteer moderator. We encourage members to use the “REPORT” function (bottom right corner of each post) to help us, as we’re not reading every post, 24/7. If your post is removed, you’ll receive a PM about it. If there is a continuing problem, further action may be taken, up to and including your removal from the forum. Some inflammatory topics to avoid include religion and politics. We’re all about camping, and Oliver campers. Over the years, we’ve seen a few simple topics turn into heated debates. It’s natural to want to jump in, but honestly, it’s often better to let it go, and hit the report button, instead. We moderators are avid campers. Even as we write this, we are all out camping, some with limited bandwidth. We respond as quickly as we can, and the sooner we know, the better. Some have asked why our forum is linked to the Oliver website. Valid question. Since the beginning of our forum in 2008, Oliver Travel Trailers (OTT) has paid for our Oliver “sandbox”, including our web space and an administrator who knows way more than we do about maintaining the software, for which we are very grateful. OTT DOES NOT CENSOR OR INTERFERE with the moderators’ management of the forum content. Moderators are not employees of OTT. We are Ollie owners, and receive no remuneration. OTT does have a employee designated to read the forum for the purpose of improving the “Ollie Experience” for all, but that’s a few minutes a day in a busy job description. If you should ever have an issue or a warranty claim, call tech support. Your post might not be seen on the forum by an Oliver employee. With that in mind, we moderators ask you to communicate directly with the company and afford them an opportunity to satisfy any serious needs before flaming OTT on the forum. We are not asking that anything to be swept under the rug. Just, please, let Oliver Travel Trailers have the first shot to meet and exceed your expectations. Sometimes, communications here may be misinterpreted, because the written word just doesn’t carry the visual clues of face to face conversations. Should you believe a post is a little ill-mannered, consider the poster might be trying to be helpful, but isn’t able to put his or her words together the way you might. Forums work best when our skin tends to be a bit on the thicker side. Remember as well, whatever you post will likely be permanent, and picked up by automated internet software programs. Though this is our forum, it’s still on the world wide web. Our words may very well outlive us. Please, be especially patient with newbies. Our search feature is still being tweaked, and they may not have found an answer by simply using “Search”. You may remember your own newbie questions . . . of many years ago. If you have already answered the same newbie question as many times as you care to, relax and allow someone else to step up and reply. Help foster a community of teachers. We recommend all phone numbers and email addresses be sent in private messages and NOT posted. If you must post personal data, we suggest you post in a manner so trolling automated internet programs will not grab your personal information and use it nefariously. For instance, a phone number might be “8ThreeZero, 5one5, 9 2 eight seven”, or for an email address, something like “Bill DOT Fisher at flyboy DOT com”. Please reread this, and help us continue to make our forum a great place for everyone. We hope you enjoy our forum. Thank you, bugeyedriver, SeaDawg, ScubaRx, Mike and Carol, topgun2 , Mossemi Oliver Owner Moderator Team
  3. 1st TV, 2008 Tacoma w/ 4.0L, V6 --- towed Wonder Egg 111,000 miles before "retiring" from towing duties. 2nd TV, 2018 F150 Lariat, 5.0L, V8 --- has pulled Hull # 14 about 30,000 miles so far.
  4. Awesome! You now have more insight than most into what a wonderful family the Oliver's have. Serendipity happens.
  5. Topgun2 referred to the "date code" on each tire. Each tire will have a 4 digit number you can find on the sidewall. The first two numbers will be the week of the year and the last two will be the year. So, a "3222" code will tell you the tire was manufactured in the 32nd week of 2022. LT tires may show wear on the treads to indicate degradation, but ST tires treads can appear robust even after many, many miles, hiding the fact that they are "tired" and worn out. Failure to maintain proper inflation and loading within limits are the things that risk failure. An under inflated tire will result in excessive flexing of the sidewall as it rotates down to the bottom and bulges before swinging around the rest of the revolution. This repetitive motion may cause internal friction in the sidewall and overheating, leading to failure. Using a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a great way to avoid this. The Wonder Egg gets new shoes whenever they are 6 years old.
  6. While EVs may be coming and ICE engines going, it cannot be accomplished on an arbitrary date. Population density and relatively shorter distances in the northeastern corridor of the nation are not the same conditions as west of the Mississippi. A reliable and well spaced charging station infrastructure must exist before mandating the end of ICE vehicles. And then, we will need a reliable 24hr energy infrastructure, capable of supplying the enormous amount of energy to replace all of the BTUs found in the gasoline and diesel in all the vehicles plying our nations's roads. We do not live in ' Fifteen Minute Cities'. We hit the roads and explore . . .
  7. What? Where? Was it parked in a driveway (If so, on what street, (so I can conduct a drive-by) Or was it possibly just passing through our neighborhood
  8. One of the concerns about installing a microwave / convection oven is the ability to allow any extra heat between the hulls to dissipate. Many hulls did not come with adequate vent holes in the cabinet walls to enable the heat to escape. While the oven does vent heat out of the front, there is a concern about any extra heat trapped between the hulls. Fortunately, The Wonder Egg - Hull #14, has extra vents in the side walls behind the oven, so I have gone to the micro/conv. option. The unit is deeper than the oven it replaced, so a plenum was added to accommodate the extra depth, resulting in a minor loss of space on the "chopping block" in front. It cooked a fine, crispy chicken once. Woohooo! Should you go with that option and your trailer does not have cross ventilation behind the oven, you may consider adding some before making that modification. How many, and how large, is up to you. I would think the more, the merrier.
  9. Steve, you failed to take into account the angle of the dangle of the Dooflamadger as its HF radio waves strike the ionosphere and reflects back to earth for the next bounce around the world. (ref: question #174 on the FCC examination for your ham radio license) de K2PLM
  10. KN4NBV, Fortunately, my truck's tonneau cover is a stout aluminum structure, by Diamondback, in PA. Mounting the antennas directly to it already gave me a nice ground plane. I ran cables between all three sections, so it was effective. By placing brass straps between the tonneau and the truck bed, the truck bed to the frame and cab, the cab to the engine, the hood to the cab, hood to frame, and numerous straps along the muffler system connecting to the frame . . . One in front of the Cat converter and one behind it, one in front of the muffler and one behind it, one near the tailpipe. So effectively, everything acts together as a unified, reflecting ground plane, much like radials in the ground do for a vertical antenna. Full disclosure, I did not personally attach all of these straps, but my trusted mechanic, Fernando, who has the tools and a lift did it after I showed him where to place them. Fred, AB1OC, has a nice article on how and why he grounded his truck: https://stationproject.blog/2013/08/19/mobile-hf-installation-part-24-bonding-and-choking/ You may need a screwdriver style antenna mounted between the fiberglass cap and the metal of the truck bed or at the left rear bumper. There are various pics for those setups to be found on the web. Are you a member of your local ham radio club? You could get lots of help from the membership. It's fun to cruise down a long highway in the middle of nowhere, tune the radio dial, and strike up a conversation with someone in Europe or South America. With your General ticket, you have plenty of bandwidth in the HF spectrum to play around. Go for it! Even with your HT, you can connect it to a Zumspot which is connected via USB to your computer and talk around the world on WiresX. 73 de K2PLM P.S. The antenna I was using in New Mexico is the TW2010-P, from DX Engineering. It is only 8.5 ft tall and the dipoles only extend 2.5 ft either side of the vertical pole. If you have any sort of back yard in your HOA it would not be noticed. Put a cotton hat on top and a pair of gloves at the end of the top dipole and tell anyone who asks that it's a scarecrow to protect your flower garden. Also, it does not require ground radials at all, which makes it my go to portable HF antenna.
  11. In addition to using the Rhino Extreme hose, I never lay it across the ground, where a gravel rock or some other sharp object could puncture the stinky slinky. instead, I cradle it in one of those gradually descending support structures, such as the Camco Sidewinder 20-Ft Camper/RV Sewer Hose Support which can also be useful for routing around obstacles.
  12. If we're not having fun, we're not doing it right.
  13. The Wonder Egg is enjoying a week camping at Seadawg’s secret mountainside retreat in the Appalachians of North Carolina. Scrumptious breakfast, lunch and dinners prepared with panache over the open campfire. Life is goood on the mountain.
  14. I just spent a day at the Mothership and Anita is back at the office, doing her usual great job helping folks find their forever trailer. It was good to see her again.
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