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  1. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! We are definitely looking forward to the adventures as well as the challenges. I agree and hope that once COVID gets behind us that we will hopefully see a reduction in the current saturation of the RV environment.
  2. Thanks Gents! That Oliver University is really an incredible resource in addition to the forum. Looking forward to learning a lot from ya’ll.
  3. Thanks BackofBeyond! March is a long time away for sure…..but I’m not the most adept planner so that works out. Interestingly I asked during the factory tour how Oliver was dealing with the increased demand in the industry and the potential for reduced quality. Jason told us they only moderately increased output (going from 5 up to 6 trailers per week). He shared that the result was going to be longer wait times…and he wasn’t kidding. Looking forward to delivery only 9 short months away, but actually it works good for us. Cheers!
  4. Hello Oliver Folks! We have been researching trailers and other RVs for a long while and this forum is a great resource. Finally went up to Hoehnwald to check out an LEII and saw the quality first hand. The Ollie really seems to fit the type of traveling we want to do. We are now in the queue for an LEII with delivery in March 2022 (ordered about two weeks ago). We are told we will be #1051 and are stoked about our future travels. Thanks for all the awesome info in this forum, your contributions really answer loads of questions. Looking forward to being a part of the Ollie community!
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