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  1. https://www.instragram.com/gastateparks/ My camper has now made it to the Ga state parks website on Instagram My son took this shot this past summer. Oliver may get some free advertisement from this photo! It is amazing that I was told when I start camping with my Ollie people would ask about it and want to see it. We have camped about 6 times in 6 months and I have been stopped every time as people love the look and quality.
  2. Made reservations Sect E. Looking forward to a fun weekend!
  3. All the above are great replies, just a little experience will soon have you confident. Just taking your time and not rushing is always the best way. I have found the most nerve racking time is really backing into camp sites. The first five feet of backing up for me is the test. Once my brain kicks in with turning my tires to steer the Ollie in backward I do great. But sometimes I have to just stop for 30 seconds and reset my thoughts. Backing up will be second nature once you get the hang of it. Also use your phone or walkie talkies and the second set of eyes are very helpful
  4. Crooked River State park in St. Mary's GA is a great spot. Large lots! The pulp smell is not noticeable. We have a house across Crooked River on the marsh and we never smell the mill. Once you get near Bruinswick the smell is noticeable if the wind is blowing in the right direction. There is a campground on Jekyll but I have not driven through it in a long time.
  5. Congratulations!!!! You will love it!!
  6. I saw this yesterday. Very informative. We use our phone. Just something to thing about for the future.....
  7. You can take the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way to Asheville and the scenery is great but it will take several hours. The shorter version is taking the Parkway from Cherokee to the Maggie Valley exit and then on to Asheville. If you have the time the Parkway is great. Just making it clear, I have had people going to Asheville jump on the Parkway thinking it was a the same time as thru Maggie, The Parkway is for beauty and enjoying the time.
  8. We had been with AAA for probably 15 years and they were great. We always paid for our plan and both our kids. Even though we had road service with our regular coverage, we felt like with 2 teenage drivers we wanted as little action on our policies as we could. (My son ran out of gas and locked his keys in the car in 30 minutes time is one example of multiple call outs) Last month we went with Good Sam because it had better RV coverage and was around $60 less. I got the 3 year plan with a 6 month $20 add on for traveling benefits. ( covers some airfare issues and what not) for I thi
  9. If you want to go into the Smokies on the TN side you have Elmont and Cades Cove campgrounds. Both are great stops. Cades Cove has a great loop to see wild life and old settler posts but can be crowded at times. Wednesday is a closed day only for hikers and bikers (the non motorized bikers). If you drive through the park Smokemont Campground is near Cherokee and about an hour from Asheville. Stay on the F Loop if you can. About 4 miles south of Smokemont is the NC Side Ranger Welcome Station with a old settlers village which is great. There is also Mingus Mill about 5 minutes away
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