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  1. I saw this yesterday. Very informative. We use our phone. Just something to thing about for the future.....
  2. You can take the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way to Asheville and the scenery is great but it will take several hours. The shorter version is taking the Parkway from Cherokee to the Maggie Valley exit and then on to Asheville. If you have the time the Parkway is great. Just making it clear, I have had people going to Asheville jump on the Parkway thinking it was a the same time as thru Maggie, The Parkway is for beauty and enjoying the time.
  3. We had been with AAA for probably 15 years and they were great. We always paid for our plan and both our kids. Even though we had road service with our regular coverage, we felt like with 2 teenage drivers we wanted as little action on our policies as we could. (My son ran out of gas and locked his keys in the car in 30 minutes time is one example of multiple call outs) Last month we went with Good Sam because it had better RV coverage and was around $60 less. I got the 3 year plan with a 6 month $20 add on for traveling benefits. ( covers some airfare issues and what not) for I thi
  4. If you want to go into the Smokies on the TN side you have Elmont and Cades Cove campgrounds. Both are great stops. Cades Cove has a great loop to see wild life and old settler posts but can be crowded at times. Wednesday is a closed day only for hikers and bikers (the non motorized bikers). If you drive through the park Smokemont Campground is near Cherokee and about an hour from Asheville. Stay on the F Loop if you can. About 4 miles south of Smokemont is the NC Side Ranger Welcome Station with a old settlers village which is great. There is also Mingus Mill about 5 minutes away
  5. Congrats!!!! You will love it! The info from the forum is invaluable and the people are the best!
  6. I received my 2 Hondas last week within 4 days of my order from Northern Tool. The had both the 2200 and the 2200 Bluetooth models which are just out. I ran the Campanion with my Ollie hooked up to the 30 Amp plug in. Using my Bluetooth function the soft start pulled right at 1000 watts starting and then settled down to around 600 or so. (Didn't write it down ). Once the compressor cut off it drew around 300 - 400. The newer model has a magnetic flap that covers the outlets and the fuses have a clue rubber cover now for protection.. There is a UTube video that shows the guy unscrewing t
  7. Well, I broke down and bought the new Honda 2200 and the companion this past week. I had purchased the A1 from Sam's and was hoping that would work but every time I tried running the air with the soft start the relay in the Oliver would trip. The code was showing the voltage was dropping to 104. Thought seriously about the 3000 Handi and several other models but just kept coming back to the Honda 2200 because of quality and weight. In summer if I needed both I can run both and other times of the year I can take 1 and keep the weight down. My days of wanting to lift the 75# Handi are gone.
  8. We were signed up but had to back out of being in Guntersville. We will be at Smokemont in the Smokies with family staying at our Maggie Valley house. I guess we have it good when our kids run us out of our house but we get to stay in the Ollie. Looking forward to a normal year sometime in the future and being at the Rally!
  9. Andy Carter (@andycarterphoto) on Instagram. My son says the new phone cameras are incredible and the average person does not need a high dollar camera.
  10. Great shots! Covered tables. Never seen those before.
  11. Thanks John, Next time pulling I will take notice of 4th gear at 60. My son took the pic with a Nikon Z6 with a Nikon 24mm 1.4. He shoots for several online auto sites and writes articles. He wants to do a photo shoot with my camper and I will post the pics when he does. Who knows, Oliver may have to use them in the ads. 😀 Maverick.... I do like the color ...Concrete is the official color. Never seen concrete that color. Whistletop Cafe from Driving Miss Daisy is located in Juliette. It is still open until 4pm daily I think. We didn't get try try their fried green
  12. Little late showing but time flies when your having fun. Spent 4 nights at David Crockett State Park and then 2 nights at Cloudland Canyon State Park in North Ga and the Ollie was great. 2020 Tundra really did a great job towing. Nice having the V8 on a few hills and didn't feel stressed at all. Only hiccup we had was leaving Davey Crockett the street side awning would not close completely. Came to about 1 inch on the front end from totally closing. We called Jason and dropped by service to check out the problem. Seems 2 acorns had fallen in the front track and was preventing it fro
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