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  1. No one freaking out down my way, maybe be going a little stir crazy, it was great to see the lighting issue corrected. Just reinforces the service when there is an issue. Just glad you guys and gals are out there when we do have issues!
  2. I appreciate your openness to bring to the table possible areas Oliver might need to step back and look at their quality control. I have 2 weeks before I pay my 1/2 payment. I find myself looking at other RV's just to solidify my choice. The Bigfoot and Black Series are 2 that I look at but in the end my vote always goes back to Oliver. I will certainly be looking to make sure everything is working when I pick up my RV in July. Another concern is if the State Parks and NP may be still closed and the only way to truly check everything out is to camp for a few days trying all the systems out. I can't imagine having the camper brought to my house and the lights not working. Not being a happy camper would not be a "tongue in cheek" statement. Hopefully they will find it was just an easy to fix issue as we all make mistakes and the end result is what is important. I appreciate all the comments and informative discussions as I find myself excited for our delivery.
  3. We pick up our new Ollie in July. My wife and I have talked about looking at each of the used Olivers that have been available in the last six months. Most of the trailers have been in the $50K to $62K being anywhere from 1 year to 6 years old. We have been tempted to inquire seriously about buying one, but it is never exactly like what we want. We have owned 7 campers in our life between pop-ups, 27' trailer, and 35' motor home, and this camper will probably be our last purchase so we are getting exactly what we want. The bottom line is "will you be satisfied with your purchase?". Nothing worse than making a substantial purchase and then start second guessing yourself and wishing you would have waited. If you can find exactly what would make you happy, then used is great, if not the additional $10K -$15K will be money well spent knowing how well they hold their value.
  4. Totally agree oil change every 4 years is not what the doctor ordered. Yep, working operations in a power plant for over 20 years I know all about start up friction, moisture accumulation in oil, and proper preventive maintenance. Sometimes we get lazy at home from the exact work we focus on every day. Generators are really getting very efficient and low maintenance if you follow guidelines for upkeep. Hard to justify name brand when they have recalls. I was real impressed with the Westinghouse generators too. When you pay for the best, you expect the best!
  5. I actually bought 2 of the Sams A1 2300 generators 2 weeks ago after reading a 1000 reviews on all makes. Really wanting the Honda or Yamaha, I could not walk away from the $350 a piece deal especially since I had $500 in credit refunds. It came with parallel jumpers and all I need. I have only ran 1 for an hour and it really seems okay. Only time will tell. I figured it will be available for my kids during power outages and whatever circumstances come our way. I have a 20 year Coleman 1000 watt that I run about once a year, have changed the oil maybe 5 times and it runs forever when called upon. Of course it is much louder. I intend to be a little more diligent on maintenance with my newer ones. So bottom line, Honda better up their game if they want to stay the leader, all brands are catching up.
  6. Yes you will get some newer members in the fall! We will be picking up our Ollie in July and look forward to being at the rally in September. This is probably the only bright side I have found with the virus. Maybe the other bright side is people have stopped and refocused on what is important and how truly special each day is. I too am not buying all the media hype and feel for people whose lively hood will be drastically affected. Hopefully some resemblance of normalcy will return soon.
  7. Nope! You can oder the Lagun table installed between the 2 beds at the end of the aisle. If you do order the Ollie with the Lagun table, you can not have an access door to the basement.
  8. My wife and I took the tour in October and chose the twin bed option because of accessibility to the cabinets and not having to deal with taking the bed up and down each day we camped. We still questioned our choice so we went back in February and spent several hours in the Ollie. We are very comfortable with our final decision on the twin beds. The only real advantage of the king bed would be diminished every time I had to climb down the bed at night. We do want the access door and the Lagun table so I will have to make the modification after we take ownership in July. Not being real comfortable with my craftsmanship skills I will probably find someone to do the Lagun table install. (I am hoping the decision is made to offer both by Oliver. It seams like a no brainer to me)
  9. I am hoping enough people keep posting about adding the Lagun table on the side and Oliver makes it a option. I have seen some beautiful craftsmanship added to the Lagun set up. Very nice!
  10. Looked like an incredible trip! Thanks for posting. Not sure trips like that are available in Georgia....
  11. Welcome from Hull #(to be determined) We are picking our Ollie up in July so we are in the same boat with just an earlier debarkation date. Erv & Sherry Carter
  12. Merry Christmas to you and your family Phil! Sherry and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. We look forward to seeing you again in a couple of months to finalize our order!
  13. Congrats!!! Envious as we do not pick up till July 6th! Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. Excited owners in July 2020. Been camping off and on all our lives but next summer as retirement is around the corner we hope to be camping much more often. Have thoroughly enjoyed all the forums and great information in learning about our Oliver Elite II. Not sure of our Hull # but am sure we can't wait.
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