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  1. After watching that video I took another look at the GiraffeG4. Of course it will only help if the driver slows down to check before it is too late. Most of the vehicles in that video were going too fast to have a chance. Does anyone have any experience with these?
  2. Thank you for starting this thread Trainman. The first and only time we used the AC was a couple of nights on our first outing with the Ollie last October. During that trip there was a popping noise which interrupted my sleep a lot. Initially thought it might be the refrigerator cycling, but did not try to track it down until now. After reading this thread I wondered if the source of the popping was the AC. So I started testing the AC first. After starting my AC it popped in less than ten minutes, then continued to pop about every ten minutes for a couple of hours. It also popped in a couple of minutes after shutting down the AC. As others suggested the simplest explanation appeared to be the diffuser was not able to expand or contract smoothly with changes in temperature. Flexing the edges of the diffuser by pressing different areas produced a lot of popping and crackling and if felt like the edge was grabbing the hull. The diffuser is held in place by eight wood screws and two sheet metal screws. I started backing out each screw a little at a time to see if it would change anything. The pops and crackles were reduced with each iteration. I stopped when a sheet of letter paper could easily slide under all edges. The diffuser is forced to follow the contour of the ceiling so the corners were the last to separate. Immediately after backing out the screws I ran the AC for two hours without popping. Although encouraging I ran the AC a few more hours over a couple of days and still no popping. Now I'm looking at ways the screws can be snugged down without forcing the edges against the ceiling, leaving a thin gap all the way around. The largest gaps occur in the front and back at the center. The back gap is the largest at 2.7mm (measured using two dimes) at the center. I don't think these gaps will cause any issues but maybe a soft gasket could be used to seal these areas. Hopefully others will help confirm whether or not these observations help resolve this issue in their trailers. Suggestions for a permanent fix would also be appreciated. This diagram is from Dometic AC 64767 instructions.
  3. The noise would stop with the bolts that hold the stabilizer and ring were loose. On the last attempt to find a solution I tightened the rear bolt first and the noise stopped. I had also added a couple of drops of silicon lubricant where the stabilizer goes through the hull. I expect the noise to return eventually, but hopefully this will buy some time until I can take it to Oliver for a permanent fix.
  4. Our LEII started creaking and popping very loudly during our second and first long distance trip. Using the steps, moving in the trailer and windy gust made it pop, creak or crackle. After a lot of tracking and trouble shooting it appears the street side stabilizer rubs against the hull in the direction of the wheel well. The trailer makes a good speaker box and amplified this a lot. Just mentioning this so you can look to see if there is something plucking at the hull in the AC area. The popping sound reverberated through the hull so much it was difficult to track down at first. I finally found the source by using a stethoscope.
  5. Hello everyone, Our camping experiences started with tents, mostly in Florida, several decades ago. We owned a couple of Casitas (13 & 17) during our travels over the years and discovered we enjoyed small travel trailers and boon-docking. Mostly because it fit the many outdoor activities we've been able to enjoy over the years. Conveniently we happened to be living in Tennessee when we discovered the Oliver Trailers and picked up LE2 539, October 2019. Since then we've retired and moved back to Florida. Jerry & Kathy Jax, Florida
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