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  1. Just a heads up that there will be a total lunar eclipse giving most of North America a good show this weekend.
  2. If you want to tinker there are several models to choose from. (The chart uses an underscore in place of the letter B.) I was considering trying one with greater CFM and pressure to see how they perform on those soggy days. Obviously Natures Head uses the lowest watt and noise level model. For example Model M can be purchased online.
  3. Searched for torque values based on the assumption the rims are LionsHead brand and found a couple of responses on eTrailer that suggest the torque values Oliver uses may be the rim manufacturers recommendation. I suspect my rims are LionsHead, but I haven't confirmed that with Oliver. https://www.etrailer.com/question-558830.html https://www.etrailer.com/question-471670.html
  4. I was considering replacing mine too after finding three cracked on the same wheel while repacking my bearings. I replaced them with clad for the time being. Is there a down side to using the solid lug nuts on these rims? I was considering the stainless steel ones.
  5. I forgot to mention that our tube had lots of condensation which is what encouraged me to start taking things apart.
  6. Most of the time our Natures Head has worked well. When the weather was very humid for days and the inside of the trailer was dank, the solids were not drying well. I purchased a dehumidifier and that seems to have helped. We run the dehumidifier as much as possible in the bathroom when the humidity goes above 80%. We also turn the crank more often during the day to help expose any moist areas. The issue may have been compounded by too much coir dust on the fan filter. When I took the fan assembly apart the filter was about 75% clogged. Perhaps the coir was not moist enough and the dust was pulled through by the fan when turning the crank or when I added extra through the top. If adding more from the top I now make sure to unplug the fan, mix, then wait for any dust to settle before plugging in the fan. I'm also leaning toward using sphagnum or coffee grounds to reduce the dust. Here are some photos of the fan assembly. No fuse here. I forgot to take a photo of the dirty filter before cleaning it, but one shows the dust on the fan. I'm tempted to add one of these fans to the spare parts kit. Cleaned filter Hope you get it figured out soon. Dirty fan Whole assembly
  7. That was my thought too. I rarely used the city water connection so I assume the leak was so slow that I didn't notice. Probably because we habitually turn off the pump when it is not being used. Just in case there is a leak.
  8. This is something I was considering, but I was concerned about exposing more plywood layers for water to seep into. If you do this please post a how-to so the rest of us can do it properly.
  9. This is a major implementation flaw. Instead of the water running down to the basement and out the scuppers, where it may be detected, it flows down the retractable water line to pool in the bottom of the wood cabinet then rot and fester. The stench from mine was unbearable, lots of ammonia. Ruined a lot of things in the drawers by nurturing rampant mold colonies and shortened the life of the drawers. If the weight is pushed behind the cabinet the weight will not work properly, bangs into, and has the potential to drip water into the 120v receptacle. Now the very few pieces of wood in the trailer are compromised by this inability to understand basic physics combined with using substandard parts. The only support from Oliver for this was what faucet was used in our trailer.
  10. I highly recommend that everyone pull drawers and check this area early and add it to your routine check list. I discovered ours had started leaking at the latest four months after taking possession and suspect it was leaking on delivery day. The source of this leak was the faucet where the water lines screw into the the base at the handle. I replaced it with a household Dura faucet.
  11. Something similar happened to me recently. Check the four valves near the water pump. In my 2019 there is a diagram on the inside of the fiberglass cover over this area that shows Normal and Boondocking valve configurations. In my case while de-winterizing the pressure was low at the faucets and water was flowing into the tank. Checking the diagram I found that one valve was wrong for the Normal Valve Configuration. After setting the valve correctly things were back to normal. Hope yours is a simple valve configuration issue too.
  12. I like the Mopeka sensors. You can get readings on a mobile device or a unit they sell to install inside the trailer.
  13. Trilobite! Very Old. Have wanted to "discover" one for many decades along with other gems and artifacts.
  14. Yes, I bought a longer one like linked above and a holder that uses a suction cup to attach to the hull. You have to remove the existing hose and attach the new hose to the back of the valve panel in the basement. Had to use some Teflon tape because the threads were not a good match. This thread has a photo of the connection and other useful information.
  15. Pull out the lowest drawer under the sink and check to see if water has collected under the drawer. If the faucet leaks the water may run down the pull out sprayer line and collect on the wood panel under the drawer. The pull out sprayer line on mine is routed through the opening at the back of the drawers so the water did not run into the basement where it could leak out the scuppers. The wood started to macerate and caused a nasty stench, laced with ammonia on hot days. Hopefully this is not the source of the bad odor because it was a mess.
  16. Something else you may want to do is replace the Zamp port screws with pan head #6-1/2" stainless steel screws. Mine rusted and were starting to leave orange rust stains on the hull.
  17. We bought off-the-shelf King size sheets and a heavy slip on mattress cover for our pickup trip. They fit well enough that we still use them. One set of sheets included long pillow covers and we found these slip over each end of the backrest cushion section under the rear window so we can use it as a head board and keep it protected. The slip on style help hold the cushions together well enough that we don't notice the seams very much but it also makes it difficult to access the water valves under them. In cold weather we add some sleeping bags on top and that makes the bed very cozy.
  18. Potentially a Burro, often referred to as a Wonky Donkey.
  19. We use the Hydroblu Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter. We have a Burke system at home but find the Hydroblu better suited for camping. The particle and carbon filters are modular and can be replaced separately.
  20. For most RV propane regulators the first stage reduces the pressure to between 10 and 15 psi. The second stage reduces the pressure to 11 water column inches, which is about 0.4 psi.
  21. We noticed a white powder which kept coming back in our trailer. When I removed the AC diffuser lots of white powder and larger particles fell out. There was a lot more where the hull had been cut to install the AC. I used a shop vac to remove as much of the debris as I could. I haven't noticed as much powder as before.
  22. Here's the link. https://www.microair.net/products/easytouch-rv-thermostat?variant=32616122220628
  23. The wheel center caps are made by Lionshead. Mine were chrome plated steel which rusted and pitted in six months. I replaced them with the stainless steel version.
  24. The Silver version is also available on Amazon.
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