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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. It's hard to forecast what my needs are as far as trailer size having never owned one. I do know I would like to keep it on the small size. But after just coming home from Yellowstone Park and seeing some of the rigs out there, the 23 footer seems pretty small!! Sherry and Paul, I assume you folks are in the 17'? This rig seems like it would be easier to get around in some of the smaller, more primitive sites, but maybe that 6' extra in the 23 wouldn't make all that much difference... Everywhere I go now I'm looking at various sites figuring how I could get a trailer in there! Mountainborn, I've been following and appreciating your blog. That was quite a trip you and your wife had there. I bet that seat in your fishing boat feels pretty darn good about now! Didn't you folks used to have a 17? Do you miss anything about it? Or has the 23 just won you over? Soon I hope to arrange a visit with some new owners who just got a 23. That will go a long way to help me figure things out. To get a feel for the 17, I suppose I could track down a local Casita as the overall size and floorplan is the same. Thanks again! Dave
  2. Hello everyone, I have been looking hard at fiberglass trailers for over a year now and have very favorable impressions of the Olivers and their incredible attention to detail. I have a question to those of you that started out with the 17' and have decided to move up to the 23'. I have not seen either yet, though hope to see a 23' soon. This will be our first trailer. Our camping style is rustic and we will be boondocking most all of the time. I'm used to seeing other 17's like the Casita around, and they seem to fit well into almost any space. So I'm wondering for those of you that have sized up if you've noticed any drawbacks to finding places to park your rig. 6' is quite a bit of extra length. Towing either size for me is no problem. Any thoughts anyone might have regarding their experiences with these two sizes good and bad would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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