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  1. Hi Cindy, thanks for the information. We also ordered some clear plastic bins for the pantry based on ideas in another thread.
  2. Thanks for the good advice, SeaDawg. I've learned a lot on this Forum from you and other long-time owners in the past year. We also ordered some fabric bins to corral stuff and keep it from scuffing the fiberglass. Looking forward to meeting other Ollie owners.
  3. Bill, regarding bug splats on the front logo, that's why we decided not to have one applied. I do like the choice of side stripes we had when ordering our 2021 LE2, but a mostly bare Ollie would still look great.
  4. Thanks, Patwv. The upper cabinet also sounds like a good place for the microwave turntable. I like your idea of securing the toilet brush holder to the bathroom wall.
  5. Thanks, Mike. Good to know about the Vornado - we bought ours after seeing yours in a post.
  6. Thanks, Mainiac. I'm surprised the toilet brush/holder behaved that well. I guess the Ollie rides better than I'm anticipating on typical paved roads. Does your cutting board ride on the sink like the one Oliver provides?
  7. Thinking ahead to our September 16th LE2 delivery date, we've been wondering where and how you stow and secure items before traveling so they don't roam around the trailer damaging themselves and the inside of the trailer. A few things that we've been thinking of are (please mention anything else you have that you secure): 1. Glass microwave turntable 2. Oliver-supplied cutting board 3. Small trash container 4. Vornado portable electric heater Also, we're going to need a toilet brush & holder for the standard Dometic toilet. The typical ones we've seen for use in a house don't seem like they would travel well. Thanks for your suggestions - it's starting to seem real now!
  8. I have a 2020 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel, which I purchased in order to tow our LE2 (delivery date 9/16/21). I will post towing information once we return to Northern California from collecting our Ollie. Since purchasing it in November 2020, I've averaged 24 MPG around town, and average 30 MPG with consistent freeway driving. On a recent (not towing) trip from Vancouver, WA to Redding, CA, the truck got 30.5 MPG going the posted speed limits, despite quite a few steep passes along Hwy. 5.
  9. Here is a PDF manual for the High Pointe convection microwave. HighPointe EC028KD7 Convection Microwave manual.pdf
  10. I replaced the stock Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus (4-ply rated) all-season tires on my 2020 RAM 1500 with Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 (10-ply rated) all-terrain tires in preparation for towing our LE2. They have a little over 1000 miles on them at this point. The stiffer sidewalls make the steering a bit crisper, but not at the expense of ride quality. I was initially concerned about the more aggressive tread pattern being noisy, but I can't discern any significant difference compared to the original all-season tires. I've only used Michelin tires on all my vehicles for many years, and was planning to buy 10-ply rated Michelin LTX A/T2's for the RAM, but they have been unavailable for many months, so I took a chance on the Bridgestone, and I'm glad I did.
  11. We'll be collecting our LE2 on September 16th, and wanted specific dimensions of the interior of the HighPointe convection microwave so we can come prepared with appropriately sized cookware. I contacted Phil Andrews for the model number, which is ECO28KD7. The interior dimensions are 13" W x 13" D x 9" H, and the turntable is 12.4" in diameter.
  12. I assume that Oliver does not wax the trailers prior to delivery. Other than washing before applying the first coat of wax, is there any special preparation you would recommend? We are scheduled to take delivery on 9/16/21, and will spend approximately one month traveling on the way home, so I expect our LE 2 will need a good bath when we get home.
  13. I could not find an answer in searching the Forum. What toilet bowl cleaners are safe to use with the black tank additives? I purchased Happy Camper brand black tank additive for our September 16th LE 2 delivery date, but just realized that standard household toilet bowl cleaners might be incompatible with black tank additives. This is just another one of many trailer-related questions that seem to occur to me in the middle of the night.
  14. Thank you, John. I'm a fan of your 'how to' posts - the mudflap installation is on my to-do list over the winter months.
  15. I'm preparing a dedicated tool set for our Elite 2, delivery date September 16th. Are the nuts, bolts, etc. SAE, metric, or a mixture of both?
  16. Does the belly band trim in the bathroom seal the gap between the upper and lower inner hulls to prevent water intrusion, or is the belly band trim only cosmetic?
  17. Thanks for the replies to my question. As usual, now I have more! The Snap-Pads look interesting - I can see how they slightly reduce the need to extend the stabilizers, as the pads are not very thick, but you still need some block system to minimize the extension of the stabilizers. One advantage of the Snap-Pads that I can think of is that, being made of rubber, they provide much more lateral friction on hard surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete, and would grip better on plastic jack pads. I'm not sure if that's an issue with the steel feet of the stabilizers in the real world though. Galway Girl, do you see an issue with the Snap-Pads collecting water, which might lead to rusting of the steel stabilizer feet?
  18. Andrew, are the feet on the Oliver jacks large enough in diameter to contact the magnets on the Andersen jack blocks?
  19. We are scheduled to pick up our 2021 LE2 on September 16th. Does anyone know if the factory has made the fresh water tank pickup modification standard, or would we have to request it? Since we live on the west coast, I want to get as many mods done while in Hohenwald.
  20. Hi Tina & Mike, my wife and I have a September 16th delivery date for our Elite 2. What specific date do you have for delivery? Maybe we'll see you there. Mike and Donna
  21. After reading this post, I emailed Phil Andrews to ask if the window shades on our LE2, scheduled for delivery in September 2021, can be installed with the blackout shade on the bottom of the frame, rather than on top. Phil said that it can be done at delivery upon request, which would save me the trouble of reversing them later. In our current T@G teardrop trailer, the window shades have the blackout shade on the bottom, which allows us to have privacy when getting ventilation with the windows open and the blackout shade pulled 3/4 of the way up.
  22. We want to get a Q-series Weber for our September 2021 delivery date LE2, which will come with propane quick disconnects. From the research I've done, the regulator on the Weber would have to be removed, and a quick disconnect fitting installed, which seem easy enough. For anyone who has done this mod, does the grill still work properly?
  23. Thanks for the information, John. Now I'm curious why my local AAA office told me they could not handle the registration. Update: I just called my local AAA office again - AAA offices in Southern California and Northern California are owned by different companies, with different rules regarding vehicle registration.
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