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  1. Wow! Thats some markup and final price of admission. Good luck.
  2. Lot of good replies on this subject, but I will throw in one more not often discussed. Winter camping and cold weather is relative, we have many owners here who live in the deep south or there about and having grown up down there myself I can tell you with no uncertainty winter camping down there is a lot a different than winter camping in places like Montana where I now live. I don't consider the Oliver a 4 season camper in Montana winters unless you hit on a very mild spell and even then you'll run the furnace nearly non stop. Its highly unlikely you'll have running water under those conditions either. Otherwise its a great camper but as others have stated there is a lot of maintenance to do with any of these RV's not just an Oliver. Good luck with your decision.
  3. Not sure what brand Oliver is running with now, but we did opt for the rear view camera on our 2015 model and used it although the image quality was next to worthless especially at night. The monitor was a oversized gangly mess of wires too. After a couple of years someone broke into our truck and stoled the monitor for what reason I’ll never know. This forced me to purchase another rear view camera system, a Furion, and install which is better but not by huge margins. At least the monitor only has one wire that being the 12V hookup wire. Most likely there are much better systems on the market and probably for much less than $850. Bottom line is we really like have the camera and recommend having one but make sure you are getting what your’e paying for at the price of admission Oliver is charging.
  4. Ouch, not good hitting deer especially while towing. Couple of thoughts regarding hitching, have you raised the TV enough after connecting the hitch mount to trailer so that the tension is eliminated? If not you’ll never get it connected because essentially you have your weight distribution fully engaged. Also uneven or out of level ground will exacerbate this situation based upon my experience. Keep us posted on how things go.
  5. Thanks @Dave and Kimberly , the Kayaks are Old Town Cayuga (rotomold) 13 footers so they cut through the water nicely still do not hold a candle to a well made FG or Kevlar. We were once out with some people who had a 17 foot tandem FG very thin, narrow, sleek and light weight. The couple would flawlessly perform 3-4 strokes and they were gone. It was quite amazing to watch.
  6. Good story @SeaDawg, lover to hear those things.
  7. From what I understand there is a lot to complain about with all of the Airstreams too. On more than one occasion we have had AS owners come to us asking about the Oliver and also with a laundry list as long as your arm on the issues they have had with their AS. Base Camp excluded I do like the look and design of the AS trailers though, especially the interiors.
  8. Wow, over $63K for that at a starting point. I was in one of those many years ago, was not impressed then but at this price of admission yeah the Elite I seems like a far better deal.
  9. I concur on John Davies comments about the 1-UP Bike racks, we have one. All other racks on the market look like toys compared to the 1-Up. There really isn't any comparison IMHO. Very heavy duty and also a bit heavy too but works well, easy to use. Very well engineered.
  10. Just returned from a trip up to the Seely-Swan River Valley and Flathead Valley here in Montana. Had a great trip, no problem getting campsites without RSVP's but each campground did fill up all but one night. We Kayaked 4 of the local lakes, rode our bikes on a 28 mile loop within Flathead Valley and did a few hikes in the area the most grueling being up to Strawberry Lake in the Flathead NF, steep switchbacks would be an understatement. Below are a few iPhone snapshots from the trip. Thanks for looking. Campsite at Harpers Lake Kayaking on Harpers Lake Hike to Morrell Falls kayaking Holland Lake View of Swan Lake Kayaking Swan Lake at the National Wildlife Refugee Strawberry Lake, Flathead NF Kayaking Echo Lake, Swan Range in the background
  11. This doesn't surprise me, heck the Rivian barely made it 100 miles but its a considerably smaller and presumably a lighter truck. The article states the F150 gas powered can tow 14,000 lbs. I don't know anyone who would do this other than a quick tow across town. No one in their right mind would use a 1/2 ton truck to tow this much weight on a regular and consistent basis. All this isn't to say that EV trucks might not have some use and value but towing isn't one of them and probably will not be for a long time if ever. We can hope but I don't expect to see it in my lifetime.
  12. Get a can of silicone spray lubricant it should help mitigate this issue.
  13. Yeah they mentioned the Garmin App Garmin Tread includes their data, but that app certainly doesn’t receive much love unfortunately. Hopefully someone will take up the mantle and keep it going.
  14. This has been my go to app for finding public campgrounds over the years but as of July 2nd the guys decided to toss in the towel and end the endeavor sad to say. They still have a Facebook page sort of explaining their reasons for their hiatus. For those who have downloaded the app you can continue to use, but it will no longer be updated so accuracy going forward will be sketchy. I also use Free Roam but still prefer UPC app. If you folks know of something comparable would love to hear about it, but found nothing that compared in the App Store (Apple) yesterday that I did not have already.
  15. Another vote for bad idea. Early on I considered it with our road bikes but the chances of damage to both bike and Ollie interior were just too great. Think of emergency maneuvers, very rough back country roads or FS roads etc. As someone else pointed out there is nothing to tie the bikes down to unless you permanently mounted Yakima quick release clamps to the floor, but who wants to do that. This is another reason for owning a truck to carry bikes, either that or a heavy duty van with enough towing capability.
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