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Cell booster

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I am wondering what information I need to register my cell booster. If I need the serial number, how do I see that with the location that it is mounted?

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@Joe C I see on your profile you have a 2024 Elite, we have a 2023 and I was advised no need to register the cell booster. 

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It would be helpful if you listed your hull #, model and year in your signature line.  That way we would know a little better just exactly how to answer your questions.



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Joe, we bought a used Ollie, and l haven’t felt the need to register our booster yet.  I do recall reading in the owners manual that your cell provider will want the make and model of your booster.

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Posted (edited)

According to SureCall registration is not necessary. I had tried to register ours prior to callling SureCall and the call center at AT&T had no clue as to how to register the cell booster. Don’t expect to see a huge boost in signal strength, typically one bar improvement if the phone is very, very close to the antenna. 

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45 minutes ago, Tom and Doreen said:

Don’t expect to see a huge boost in signal strength, typically one bar improvement if the phone is very, very close to the antenna. 

Checked it just now, FTR - with 3 bars/5G showing in the iPhone register, switching on the booster the signal strength jumped to 4 bars after several seconds, switching off, back to 3.  We're not registered to anything, FYI.  Better than nothing, I suppose...

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The Wilson WeBoost cell signal booster available in the 2019 LEII, did explain in their instructions that we need to register our phones as being behind the cell booster using the carrier's URL.  I noticed about a year ago that the Verizon link was inactive so I assume something has changed since Wilson first introduced this technology.  If there isn't a requirement for identifying which numbers would be permitted by the cell booster, then naturally I would assume that anyone sitting in your trailer would be able to use the booster.  Back in the day, the telecommunication industry was deregulated and they were dragged unwillingly to the 20th century.  I had purchased a Western Electric handset and had to take it to the local NE Telephone office to have it certified for attachment to their network.  It saved us about $7.00 a month in phone rental charges.  Naturally that isn't required anymore.  I suspect we are seeing something similar here as the cell booster has blossomed, first with truckers and roving sales personnel, and  now with the mobile RV industry.  The technology is solid and signal strength improves with a booster, but bandwidth for smart phones, tablets and hot spots are only as good as the bandwidth at the towers.  Many a time my wife and I have seen our phones perform well during the middle of the night when most people are sleeping and then barely work during peak usage hours in spite of a strong signal. 

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On 5/7/2024 at 7:39 AM, Wandering Sagebrush said:

Here at the house with Verizon, we get a blazing 2 bars (on a good day).  I do believe it’s time to see what it does.

I too have Verizon, and have gotten service using the WeBoost when camping in areas where ‘no cell service’ is posted. Sometimes one extra bar can make a difference. Getting the antenna up high helps!


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