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Warranty cards


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Having just gotten my new Oliver, I thought about who fills out the warranty cards for all the equipment that the trailer has. I'm told that the owners fill out their own warranty cards. So I asked where they were and I was told that I should go to the manufacturers website to fill them. That the only one that Oliver does for the client  is the Tuma water heater.  So how does one go about doing that when a lot of the cards require serial numbers etc and some of these equipment that's   hard to find out .


Any help from my forum friends?

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Interesting. I have never had any of the component manufacturers ask for a warranty card.

Granted, our trailer is a 2008. Asked for trailer documentation to determine age on the few issues we hadn

Three years ago, dometic asked for the invoice for our refrigerator replacement when it failed out of the box , and camping world replaced everything under warranty.

I've never heard of a situation where you had to file warranty cards on components. Anyone else?


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My only component issue was handled through Oliver, it was only the water pump but they said it was under manufacturer warranty so they sent me a new one and asked me to send the bad one to them to send back to the manufacturer.

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Welcome to the forums Corcomi. Congratulations on your Ollie!


Please allow me to ask you to put in a service email - The Link is in My Signature Below.


The Oliver's are more than happy to assist you and answer your questions.



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I had a stereo problem. Called OTT, and 4 days later I installed a new unit, under warranty. OTT wanted me to take it to any dealer to have them install it. Talked with the manufacturer about some test to verify the defect and they sent the unit to me direct. Not once did anyone ask about a warranty card.

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In the "Owner's Manual" that I received there were a bunch of warranty cards from Dometic, Suburban and ????.  I copied them, sent them in or tried to fill them out online.  Included in the Owner's Manual was a list of all the non-Oliver supplied equipment which included serial numbers and model numbers for each piece of equipment.  Now, having said this, all I ever got back were requests to extend the usual lame warranties at what I felt to be rather high prices.


The failure of a refrigerator control panel was taken care of by the good guys at Oliver without mention of a warranty card.  The failure of the Furrion radio was also taken care of by the good guys at the plant even though there never was any warranty card for that product.


So, bottom line is that I simply would not worry about it, but, I would follow Jason Walmsley's  advice above.  Remember, you've got a one year bumper to bumper warranty from Oliver and you've already filled that card - your final payment check.  For those products that have a warranty longer than the one year, I'm absolutely certain that Oliver will help you with any claims you may have.



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