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Generator NOT Charging Batteries

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I have a 2019 Elite with solar which I use almost exclusively for boondocking.  The solar usually keeps up with my minimum power requirements, but on the last trip I needed additional battery charging during cold and overcast weather.  I discovered that my generator was not providing any charge.

Generator is a new Honda 2200i.  Tested it by running a portable hair dryer and it revs to power the appliance.  Tested the power cord and it is functioning perfectly.  Shore power (at home) charges the batteries efficiently.  But still nothing when connected to the generator.

Any suggestions?


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So does the generator provide power to your 120 outlets when it’s running, with the inverter off?  Like Mike said, it could be a grounding issue. The test would be if the surge protector shuts the generator off from the 120 as well as the charger. 

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If you haven't done so already, I would check the AC breaker to the far left, on your power center under the dinette and make sure it is not tripped.  It controls the charger/controller.  Also, If you have two 30 amp shore power connections on your trailer, try the other one.  Perhaps you transfer switch is not working.

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Andrew, Carianne and Buffy | San Diego, CA

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You can temporarily bypass your surge suppressor (slide the small switch on the unit itself) to see if the generator connects. If it does and runs normally, then you definitely need the grounding plug. This should not be done normally since it eliminates all the protection features .

John Davies

Spokane WA

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I was able to build one of these quite easily.  I had the end of a 12/2 cable that had a 3 pronged plug that worked perfectly.  There was a discussion at the rally about doing this by someone who sat at the same table and it revolved around whether this is a good idea or not.  The contention was that by doing this workaround it was somehow defeating a protection.  The theory was if it was okay to do this, wouldn't Honda offer one.  I didn't do the research when we came back from the rally, but did test that all worked well with my Honda i2000u inverter/generator.

David Caswell and Paula Saltmarsh

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