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Water pump failure

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This morning while winterizing, I hook up my first jug of antifreeze to the rear inlet ,went Inside and turn on the water pump.  Not a sound from the water pump, dead as a door knob,  Light on water pump switch was lit, check under the side table at the water pump fuse and it look fined.  I put in a new one to be sure, turn on water pump switch, pump switch lite came on but still not a peep from the water pump.  Any suggestions, I look at the pump and didn't see anything loose.  I have a 2019 Legacy II  

2019 Oliver Legacy Elite II - Delivery Date Aug 29, 2019

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I don't know about your trailer, but we have two switches for the pump. Main switch at the door. Switch in the kitchen. Don't think light would come on though,  if main were off.

At this point,  I'd be looking for a loose connection. 


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Check voltage at the pump - no voltage - trace back to problem. 12v at pump - hmmm. Try to visually verify there is nothing in the pump - blocking action. With pump on - tap it a few times - a swift but gentle tap - if nothing happens, its probably a bad pump.

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Had the same problem. I found that one of the two red wires that enter into the front of the pump (as you’re looking at it from the hatch opening) was very loose when wiggling it. The loose terminal is actually inside the unit. Jason had the company send a new end cap that contains the built in wiring terminals . Suggest you call Jason for help.

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9 minutes ago, SeaDawg said:

Collier and Joan, 

Thanks for letting us know how your problem resolved. This will definitely help others, in the future.

Yes, agree wholeheartedly with SeaDawg.  It's super helpful to others when an owner "closes the loop" on an issue that they've posted about.  

Sharing what actually fixed the issue is obviously very much appreciated as well.  

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