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Custom Sheets, Comforter, and Bed Cushions for Twin Beds in Oliver Legacy II


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We are purchasing the 2 twin beds for our new trailer but would like to get custom pillows also to use the beds as couches during the day...we saw these when we looked at Galway Girl's trailer but don't remember where they got theirs.  Also curious if people use just standard twin bedding or if you use custom bedding and if so where you purchased etc.

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We purchased the Venetian Cotton sheets from ABLifestyles.net

They have custom sheets for Oliver that have the radius for the corners. They have different sheets types (cotton, Venetian cotton, etc). They come in a set of 2. Another thing I love about the sheets is that the top flat sheet also has elastic on the bottom in to keep it from pulling out. I love the feel of the ones we purchased.

I was also lucky enough to purchase a brand new unopened set of mattress pads from someone on the forum who had ordered a new trailer and bought them. However they found a used trailer they purchased instead that didn't have mattresses so they sold the pads to me. I got a great deal on them 🙂


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We picked up Hull #776 in April.  I purchased the mattress pads from ABLifestyles.net like many others.  However, I wanted something more custom for the bedding.  Also, I didn't really have a budget so I just picked what I liked.

After a lot of searching, I found Tess Weber-Popejoy from BackroadsMama on Facebook and Etsy.  Unfortunately, she is taking a break from sewing so I don't think she'd be able to take on another project.  There are several other Etsy shops that can make custom RV bedding.  I provided Tess with the measurements for the mattresses and had success after an initial adjustment for the depth (needs to be at least 8").  The top sheet is sewn into the bottom of the fitted sheet, which keeps everything tucked in during the night.  Tess made additional pillow cases out of different fabric in the "campfire" fabric collection.  She also made throw pillow covers and placemats.  I even had her make fitted sheets for the dinette when it's folded down into a bed.  Our dog sometimes uses this as a bed so we wanted two covers that would protect the cushion fabric.

I've posted some photos below.  My husband and I are going to make a YouTube video this weekend to walk through the interior of our trailer.  There aren't too many videos for of the interior so we thought prospective buyers might appreciate it.  Our channel is called Tenacious Traveler and we are really just experimenting so it's not too profession looking (yet).  Best wishes as you begin your Oliver camping journey!



IMG_2227 - Copy.jpg

Campsite Fabric.jpg



Oliver Mattress Measurements.pdf

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Very pretty. Love your choices, and thank you for sharing the great photos.

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We are using beddys the prior owner actually gave us. They’re awesome! You do have to tuck the one side a bit so they aren’t necessarily custom, but the zip feature makes our beds always look made very quickly. My husband and I are both a little OCD and having the beds not look cluttered is relaxing for us. 


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