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Dim light under cabinet

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One of my under cabinet touch led lights comes on but is dim. Anyone else had this experience?

All the other lights (touch or switch) work properly.

Thanks! Headed to Florida for a few weeks and found this while packing. It’s certainly not going to keep us from finding warmer weather!


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It sounds like some of the LED's the that light's cluster have gone out. Unless you can see where they've become un-soldered you'll need to replace that light.

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I guess it's like some of the street signal lights you see, the LED pattern is disrupted and the light from them looks really funny or a weird pattern. I have a flashlight that is like that and the light from it is not too bright, now where is the trashcan.  

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The little springs that trigger the lights on/off are problematic and can be causing current loss. 

When they work, they are nice, but even Service isn’t a fan of them. I have two spares. 😉

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34 minutes ago, bsullivan said:

I hope they are easy to replace.

You might want to send a PM to Forum member Patriot since I believe that he successfully replaced at least one of his touch lights.


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