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How to remove adhesive from a solar panel?

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Somehow  while keeping the Ollie under a cover we got duct tape adhesive on a solar panel, and I'm wondering how to safely remove the adhesive.  Would using GooBeGone be a reasonable choice?

Thanks for the help!


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WD40 is my adhesive residue cleaner of choice.   It softens the adhesive enabling removal, yet should not harm the solar panel.  Spray it on, let it soak for a few hours or overnight, then wipe it off with something non-abrasive, like a shop towel.  If necessary, repeat.

I now use residue-free duct tape!


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I think the most active ingredient in wd40 is mineral oil. I'd try that. Let it sit. Out of sun .

Don't use any mechanical scrapers, unless plastic, imo. You don't want to damage the panel coatings. 

And, no residue duct tape is the way to go, as @Rivernerd said, in the future.

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Well, thanks everyone for your great advice!  The adhesive melted in the WD40 while I went for a walk, and  I gently wiped the mess away when I got back.    Neat to learn such an easy solution.  You are the best!


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I personally would not use WD40 or any other solvent other than the recommended strong isopropyl alcohol for tree sap. I am a big fan of this glass cleaner.


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3 hours ago, John E Davies said:

recommended strong isopropyl alcohol for tree sap

Good point.   I’m guessing the petroleum products could degrade the elastomers or sealants that secure the frame. 

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