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Lithionics Winter Storage

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18 hours ago, aaronorange said:

Yep, the onboard Xantrex inverter/charger keeps charging with the xantrex inverter off.  I’m not seeing the need to buy another charger. Am I missing something here? 

You may be right on the money. I do not have the same setup that you have as the Outlaw Oliver is Hulll #050. As such, I can only charge the batteries (on shore power) with the old PD4045. Also, it supplies the coach with 12vdc  (again, on shore power). I am just not up to speed on how the newer setup with the Xantrex inverter/charger is wired, but having both seems possibly redundant. 

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Not looking to confuse things here but I called Lithionics about proper winter storage and, based on where I live (central Maine), it was suggested to me to remove my 3 batteries and store them inside which I did last year and plan to do again this year.  I don't love removing them mostly because I don't like messing with the  installer's work (Oliver installer) and getting the wiring to look exactly the same as it did from the factory when I reinstall them is impossible.  That said, I had no issues this past year when I reinstalled them.  As soon as I take the bolts out of the battery I immediately put a tie wrap (zip tie) through the wire terminal openings to keep everything "together" and the terminals in the same order from top to bottom. 

We can have many months of brutally cold temps where I live especially at night so removing them makes me feel better.  I don't have shore power at my house but even if I did, I'd still remove the batteries.   I have the heating pad with the red switch that others have mentioned.   For what it's worth, I also don't like having anything "on" when my trailer is stored for the season.  My storage period can be 5 months long. 

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On 10/17/2022 at 5:49 AM, Rivernerd said:

I recommended that the Oliver Service Department publish a storage procedure for the Lithium Pro Package which addresses this issue. 

I think all of us Lithium users would love such a procedure.  However, the problem is that there are soooo many different situations that call for different procedures.  For example:

  1. A warm location where hard freezes are rare, would likely have different requirements than a location such as ours where Ollie is on top of a mountain in Oklahoma and can see -10 degrees F for a week, and in the teens for a long time some winters.    
  2. Some have shore power, some have solar, some don't have an inverter.  
  3. Some have Lithionics, some Battleborn, some AGM and some LA.  Each has different requirements.
  4. Some have internal heaters, some external heaters, some no heaters.
  5. Some can remove their batteries to a warm location... many can't.
  6. Some can store their trailer inside a non-freezing area, some outside, some covered.
  7. Is there someone looking out for the trailer on a regular basis, or is it all alone in harsh conditions for nine months?

Just to name a few. Each of the above likely have impacts on a specific situation.  So many so that a matrix would be useful...

May I suggest that you summarize your specific electrical systems (Solar, Inverter, Converter, Shore Power, Expected Temperatures, how stored, how long will it be stored under what conditions it will be stored, etc.) and send it by E-mail to your battery MFG.  Having their response to YOUR specific situation in WRITING would be golden.     

Your summary and their answer would make a wonderful thread on this forum.  "Maybe titles:  "XXX MFG Charging Recommendations for XXX Lithium Batteries".  

In the mean time, all this gets clearer with use and understanding.  It is wondaful that we have o many great owners here that are so willing to help the new guys along the way get to truly enjoy our wonderful OTT's.  



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In the process of educating myself on the topic of maintaining our future lithium battery system, it became quickly obvious that temperature control is a key to longevity of lithium batteries. We have another system in our world that requires constant temperature monitoring in the winter to not shorten its life and that's a hot tub. If the circuit trips or a cord is unplugged by chance the tub and its pump would become an ice block in a couple days in sub freezing temps. 

In my place of work we monitor temps in many applications 24/7/365. Once I recognized the need for our hot tub I simply went on line to an instrument company and found a recording temperature data logger that was reasonably priced that would fulfill my needs. 

Well my and our needs to monitor the temps of our Oliver lithium battery system during winter storage is another perfect application of a recording temp monitor. The one in the link I'm providing is relatively inexpensive in the world of recording data logging devices and really easy to install and use. The beauty of this one is it can either be battery powered (rechargeable) or plugged into 110v with an adaptor (think shore power) and the device connects via wifi to the web for continuous cloud storage of regular temperature readings. That data is always accessible via the cloud storage site and can email temp deviations below or above chosen set points. Definitely not a requirement for a lithium battery system but very helpful, especially in a warranty situation because you own a verifiable temperature record of your stored battery system. See what you think if it sounds useful to you. 

Edit: Of course you could also use the same device to monitor temps in the bilge area for preventing frozen water systems.  




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    It seems that many of us (with Oliver Sales increasing) are facing our first Winter down time and after winterizing the plumbing... are now wondering about our expensive Lithionics batteries.  I spoke to both Oliver and Lithionics regarding the battery storage.    Lithionics is careful to say that if you want to ensure "best practice"... you need to keep your batteries between 14~86 degrees.  Whatever you have to do to ensure that range is what is needed.   For the larger 690AH system has it's own battery heater and should keep itself protected from the cold.   The smaller 390AH batteries do not have the internal heater but do have Olivers battery heater pad.   Based on Olivers recommendation I am going to keep the plug and extension cord handy and keep the batteries charged up as needed to provide that heat pad the energy it needs to protect those batteries.   

   An interesting side note: while talking to Lithionics, I told them I was looking for something like the Odometer on a car.  Something that I could gauge where in the overall life expectancy these batteries are.  The batteries are expected to last a minimum of 2000 cycles (with 3,000 cycles likely).. mine are 130AH batteries which equals 260,000AH (2,000 times 130AH= 260,000AH).   I have used 1773 AH to date or only .0068% of it's warranted life expectancy. 

   In fact, this is a "value added" feature on Lithionics batteries.   Their battery (thru the app) has a quantifiable number that the consumer could use to calculate the prorated value in the event of any warrantee claim.  Assuming that it has been used and stored in accordance with their guidelines.


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6 minutes ago, Dave and Kimberly said:

In fact, this is a "value added" feature on Lithionics batteries.   Their battery (thru the app) has a quantifiable number that the consumer could use to calculate the prorated value in the event of any warrantee claim.  Assuming that it has been used and stored in accordance with their guidelines.

Thanks for the tip!

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Update on my batteries, all is good the factory installed heating pad keeps the batteries warm. Been down to -17° and the batteries will stay in the low to mid 40°s . I do monitor them each day on the app. I run the batteries down a couple times a month by unplugging shore power then plug them back in for a recharge. We got our new E2 just in time to winterize, so I wanted to give the system a workout.  Works like a charm so far.

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