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Harvest Hosts locations cited for operating illegal campgrounds


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38 minutes ago, SNY SD UP said:

what you make of it?

I live in a "planned community" that, similar to most of these "associations", has a long list of rules and regulations.  Most of these rules and regulations I agree with, but, there are a number of them that I think are silly, too restrictive, poorly worded, and/or just plain wrong.  Never-the-less, I do my best to know what the rules are and abide by them all.  It is incumbent upon me to know the rules and make sure that I stay inside them - just the same as it is with any rule or law in my area.

Even though I may  or may not agree with the laws governing "camping" at these Harvest Host sites it apparently is a fact that these laws are being broken.  So, the alternative is to either abide by the law or get active in getting the law changed.  Claiming a lack of knowledge of the law is not a valid excuse - but - it certainly is worth a try at least the first time you are caught 😇.


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It is no surprise to me that tax-driven enforcement measures are being taken in California.  As the linked article states:  "In the county’s eyes, hosts are not paying the appropriate transient occupancy taxes."

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HH limits the number to ONE per night. If the host property is actually following that rule, I fail to see how one strange RV per day is bothering anybody at all. Except the nearby jerks….. The campfire issue is a real one but easily enforceable - just have the host put up a sign and the sheriff can vigorously prosecute any violation. The rest of this situation is BS but that comment is drifting into politics. After all, nobody forced these RV owners to that state but themselves. 😬

Happy Holidays

John Davies

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3 hours ago, John E Davies said:

HH limits the number to ONE per night. 

The Host is not limited to one RV.  HH usually limits a member to a stay of one night at a location (sometimes longer with host permission), but the host is not limited to one RV per night.  HH locations list the number of sites & size of sites in their details on the HH website and app, usually more than one site available.  We’ve been at many HH overnight stays with multiple RVs at the same location for the night.  HH is so popular now that it’s actually been very rare that we are ever the only RV at a location when we stay.  Here’s an example of one recent host we used.  They list 15 spots available. And there were 8 other RVs there the night we stayed (the distillery had a Halloween costume party that night 🎃 ).  We all had a very nice time gathered around the fire ring that the distillery provided.  Fortunately they had a lot of nice level ground for so many RVs at once.  So once you get to 10 or 15 spots, isn’t that a campground? 🙂




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Not surprised at this. Rules are rules so if hosts are turning a blind eye to their city/county rules they shouldn’t be surprised when they get a citation for being in violation of those rules. 
HH have become so popular, they are getting more and more RV traffic and some have over 10 sites making it more noticeable (and more like a campground) to neighbors then in prior years when it first started. 
Of course it’s a business if it’s generating income so the city wants its cut ie transient occupancy taxes from the hosts. 
Reminds me of Homeowner Associations, I’ve seen so many people angry because they can’t park their RV in their yard according to Association rules, but they fail to remember when they bought their home they agreed to and got a copy of the association rules! 


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