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    If you haven't seen an Olly in person, I agree with WhatDa's suggestion. Oliver set up a meeting with a local owner who showed us his rig, and we placed our order the next day. We elected to have ours shipped to Denver (we live in Oregon), rather than make the drive all the way to TN. Daniel with Painted Cowboy was terrific. Great communication and fair pricing. We were able to spend the next 4 weeks camping our way back home. We spent a LOT of time in the University section of this site getting familiar with the trailer. The YouTube tour videos were very instructive as well. Of course, this forum has been invaluable resource! I don't think we missed anything by not doing the orientation in person. Every interaction we've had with the Oliver staff (especially Phil!!) has been exemplary. The order, purchase and delivery process was super smooth and a pleasure. We love our new Olly!
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    Hi Trainman, Have you spoken with the Service Department? They can help you with any issues you are having. You can reach them at: 1-866-205-2621
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    Hi Shallowgal, Have you spoke to the Service Department? They can definitely give you a hand with any issues you are having. They can be reached at: 1-866-205-2621
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    I don't know the exact specs for your heat strip, but I bet it is 15 amps or more. HOWEVER, there is not a large initial overload like with your air conditioner motor, it will stay right at that amount all the time. What generator do you have? Your battery converter (charger) can draw a fair amount of AC current if your batteries are low. Try turning off the circuit breaker and see if the heat strip will stay on. Make sure your other major appliances are truly off - the electric heating elements in the water heater and the fridge especially. The heat strip is really intended for use with a good shore power connection. A small electric box heater with a low setting of around 500 watts would be handy to have, and it will run off a generator with no problems. Do you have the onboard surge suppressor? If so, look at the remote display and see what amp draw it shows when you switch on the heat strip. The display is buried in a really handy place (in the left rear electronics compartment).... https://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/how-to-relocate-the-surge-suppressor-remote-display/ John Davies Spokane WA
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    The zamp port is installed on trailers and motorhomes across many brands. Lots of people use Renogy and other brands of panels with the zamp port. And, because of the widespread use of the Zamp port, there's a lot of choice out there in adaptors and cables to make other less expensive options work. Renogy may even sell an adaptor, themselves. As long as the panel has mc4 connectors on the back, you should be able to buy a 10 ft cable with zamp end, or a cable and connector, for I'm estimating $25 to $50. You could call Renogy about the specific unit you want.. there are four options in John's link above. And, Renogy is running a labor day sale right now, as well. Yesterday, I saw a 20 per cent off coupon code for first time checkout with google express when I looked briefly at the renogy site.. . Sherry
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    There's nothing wrong with the Zamp panels, save the price. but if you're O.K. with that, then you should be fine with whatever they offer.
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    As the new owner of an OTT and a new rv’er, I am on a steep learning curve. I’m trying to read any and all information available and was looking at the Progressive Industries manual and brochure that came with my Oliver last week. And today I started reading John’s post about relocating the remote display and several people have mentioned the possibility of 2 displays. Progressive sells a kit that does just that and it is available on Amazon. The part number is “EMS-RDS”. There is also a YouTube video showing an installation. Mike
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