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    This is Canyon Point USFS Campground. It’s about 30 miles east of Payson, AZ. 7,700 feet, perfect weather in early August (low 50s at night, high 70s afternoon). There are two loops, some sites have 30a hookups, most do not. Highly recommended.
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    Do not buy a Truma if you want simple servicing! My suggestion is to get the Suburban, and buy a good aftermarket board for it, around $80. Replace the OEM board and keep the used one for a spare. It is tiny and takes up no space, you will most likely never need it. (Wrap it well and label it so a future owner will know what it is twenty years from now.😊) I do NOT know the current status, mine is four years old, you would need to research part numbers and other forums to see if there is a continuous failure history. More reading here, and please start a new thread if you learn anything interesting! https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/2036-suburban-hot-water-heater-failed-a-dealer-repair-story-and-lesson/ John Davies Spokane WA
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    Not that a Silverado/Sierra 1500 was on your list, but their max trailer package is a bit odd. GM adds enhanced radiator cooling, heavier duty rear spring, 9.78” axle with 3.42 locking differential, and revised shock tuning to add 2100 lbs to their tow numbers and 300 lbs to GVWR. Which all sounds good, but when you analyze what they did it gets interesting. GM is going to composite leaf springs to save on curb weight. The heavier duty leaf spring is a rather thick composite spring added to the pack that looks like a helper spring. The maximum tow package increases GVWR 300 lbs., but the maximum tow package adds 140 lbs to the curb weight. So maybe you are getting to add a fiberglass topper and keep close to the original payload. The rear axle ratio is lowered from 3.23 to 3.42, but the package requires 20” wheels and 275/­60R20 extra load tires resulting right back at a 3.23 effective gearing. So you are getting stronger rear axle with no benefit from the lower gearing. I suppose you don’t need it with 10 speed..... the manufacture’s small tweaking ramp up tow values a lot.
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    This search of the forums turned up this post. https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/3543-atwood-propane-alarm/ Mossey
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    This will be our first Rally and only our third trip in our Ollie. We’ve kept our reservations and hope to (safely) meet some fellow Ollie owners.
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    Better buy two so you have a spare when the other is in the shop... 😉 I'll stick with my under powered and under featured Tundra, thanks.
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    The radar data delay from Noaa is about 7 minutes. Then your app has to take that data and fit it into their program for distribution. Still beter than asking your aunt if her rheumatism is flairing up..
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    From my experience - not much is legal in Cali anymore.
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    Head to front, so we can look out the back window, especially in Picture Window Mode (red latches undone and entire frame held up by a rope). Who wants to look at the galley and pantry....? John Davies Spokane WA
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    I would settle for a steel one! ;). Thanks to this forum I now have a 1UP (which is awesome) bike rack and would love to have a solution like this vs. the factory design to carry our bikes. Can we get a vote on who would order one and if enough people pledged might it be possible to get some made? I would be in for sure!
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