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  1. We have been using this one for several years in the camper. No compressor and very low amp draw. I carry it with us on long trips and also use the larger version in our garage. It works great in the camper. https://www.amazon.com/EcoSeb-DD122EA-SIMPLE-Desiccant-Dehumidifier-15-Pint/dp/B00KHJIC04/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1518632975&sr=1-1&keywords=ecoseb+desiccant+dehumidifier&dpID=41LrblthRUL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  2. Yeah, I read the owners manual but was also told at orientation not to use them to lift the trailer and the jacks sound like they are really straining when using them. I would like to know where to place a floor jack. It looks like it could be lifted at the spring mount under the axle but I wanted to see if anyone had a better idea.
  3. Where do you all place a jack on your Olivers if you want to raise the wheels off the ground to work on the trailer?
  4. It looks great. Thanks for all your work!
  5. Did you ask for the white door or is that standard? We are deleting the microwave too so we are just wondering.
  6. Just a FYI Honda is replacing the 2000 with a 2200 this spring.
  7. The 2 Carefree awnings we have had were far superior to the Fiamma awning we had on our Casita and I for one am looking forward to having the Carefree on hull 305.
  8. I spoke to Anita on Thursday about a few things and she mentioned our hull number was 305. I did not think we would get the VIN until it was closer to delivery. We are suppose to pick up February 5. I will give her a call next week and see if I can get the whole VIN for insurance.
  9. I dont see the need for a dehumidifier in that kind of weather. If your running a dehumidifier in the cabin you are basically heating the cabin with the dehumidifier and not getting enough run time on the furnace to heat the tank area. The heat from the furnace should dry out the cabin and lower the humidity without a need to run the dehumidifier in the winter even to the point that the humidity could get too low in some cases and require a humidifier to raise it back up. 30% relative humidity is on the low side of comfort level for most people. I use the sensor push wireless sensors for data logging. They are great for monitoring the fridge temps too. It has alarms you can set and we can get readings in the truck while driving. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AEQ9X9I/ref=asc_df_B01AEQ9X9I5289797/?tag=hyprod-20&creative=395033&creativeASIN=B01AEQ9X9I&linkCode=df0&hvadid=194026055947&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6089814792019922864&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9013674&hvtargid=pla-375433369637
  10. We went with the hatch after seeing it in Clair and Kathy Reeds trailer. We could not see a use for the table next to the night stand. Here are a couple photos, in the one looking into the basement you can see the hatch door. Looked like a good laundry shoot to us.
  11. It is a either/or option between the table and the hatch.
  12. I was told by Anita that it did rotate and was easily removed. It will not increase the bed size. We decided not to get it and to go with the basement door instead. There are pictures of both under upgrades/add-ons on the website.
  13. WOW, I'm surprised at so many sitting and not picked up. There were none outside when we were there in July.
  14. I have to agree, Y'all have the accent. :-) Part of the problem is they wear headsets now and there is a delay when talking to them. I keep asking if they are still on the line because sometimes it seems like we have lost the connection.
  15. Hunting Island State Park Closed: Hunting Island State Park is closed until December 31, 2017 due to damages by Hurricane Irma. The Nature Center is open and serves as an information hub for the park. If you have a reservation at Hunting Island between now and December 31, 2017, you will be contacted and a full refund will be issued. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. If Charleston is not too far, James Island County Park is very nice.
  16. Guess I am just used to anode rods, heating elements, and propane and comfortable being able to get parts for the standard if needed. I would be concerned who could work on a Truma if it failed. Once the standard is warmed up water is there just as fast. We have never ran out of hot water and unless you are hooked up to full hook ups, showers are limited time and water anyway. If you are hooked to electric you can run on both propane and electric at the same time for fast recovery or run on the campgrounds electric for free. Like Sherry said its all in how you camp. That's why they are listed as options I guess. Just my opinion which is what the OP asked for.
  17. We just placed our order for a new Elite II also and I am having a hard time seeing the payback. Although the Truma is very cool we have had the six gallon on several campers and never had a problem running out of hot water. At $1300.00 that's a lot of propane refills that would need to happen to get the payback. We have a instantaneous in our home and I understand not heating 50 gallons of water but for 6 gallons I just don't think I see the payback.
  18. Hello, we are Tom & Cheryl from middle Tennessee. We have been egg campers since 2006. First in a 17' Casita and now in a 19' Escape. We started looking at Olivers when they came to our Townsend rally a few years back. At that time I did not want to go inside one because I knew what would happen :-). As we near retirement we are looking at the Oliver for longer extended trips. We visited the factory last week and really enjoyed the tour. What a quality trailer. For now we are just gathering info but we are finding that we are having Oliver conversations several times a week. We really like the twin bed setup and not having to crawl on each other. If Cheryl had her way things would happen sooner than later. :-)
  19. I really like that couch idea. Very nice.
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