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  1. I have used Meguiars Marine wax for over 10 years on Casita's, Escape's, and now the Oliver. I have tried several other products but have always gone back to the Meguiars. https://www.amazon.com/Meguiars-M6332-Flagship-Premium-Marine/dp/B0000AY60S?th=1
  2. Yeah, we are rethinking our 2019 trip out to Glacier, Banff and Jasper. We were planning on late August and September but after the fires the last 2 years in that area and what we had to deal with in Colorado this June getting chased out of the Ouray area because of smoke and ash we may go earlier even though some areas may not be open yet.
  3. Im not a expert on this but I was always told by previous fiberglass manufactures (Escape & Casita) not to use silicone because it will not bond to gel coat and will eventually allow water underneath.
  4. Mike, John, Randy, Sherry and anyone else that has installed one. Pictures please. :-)
  5. The DVD player part of the Furrion radio is hooked from the TV to the Furrion through the HDMI cable on ours. It also has RCA cables for TV sound.
  6. Sticker price is the price on Olivers and most all fiberglass trailers.
  7. We had the larger clam and ended up selling it and purchasing the smaller 4 sided one because its just the 2 of us most of the time and its shorter, easier to carry and lighter weight. Its still large enough for 4 chairs and a small table. They do get hot during the day in the summer and most of the time in hot weather we don't use it and just sit under the awning. It will not fit over a picnic table. We do not use a floor in ours. We stake ours down but if a big storm is coming I will pop it down and let it lay on the ground. I have not had a problem in a storm when its laying on the ground.
  8. Yes, but could be caused by other things. Are you propane tanks shut off? Do you have a dog? We have had ours set it off by the dog. Anyone running a generator or vehicle could cause it to go off because it is a CO detector too. It could also be caused by other things. Try vacuuming it. If it still goes off and your propane is shut off pull the 1 amp fuse under the driver side bed until you get to the next stop.
  9. Welcome Tom & Marie Welcome to the cult, I mean group. Hope to see you on the road soon.
  10. I use the Ambient Weather WS -08 and have sensors in the fridge, freezer, between the hulls and one for outside. It also serves as our clock, calendar and alarm.
  11. I dont know but here is another picture that shows the base in case someone might have a idea. I tried enlarging the picture but cant see a brand on it.
  12. 2010 F150, 2016 Tundra and 2018 GMC 2500 all clear without a problem.
  13. We could get Coy to have the park block off the back way up to the lodge and could have a hill climb from the campground to the lodge. :-)
  14. I just don't see how the outdoor shower could back fill the fresh water tank. I'm still going with the pump check valve. Please do keep us posted on what happens. You have my curiosity up.
  15. The ladder by the spare tire was just for watching him. He came up on the driver side. That Tech knows what he is doing, he has done more than a few of these. He works for EasyStart and did around 25 installs at this years rally. :-)
  16. This mod of Bill's no drill door handle made the Oliver Newsletter. We love ours and it looks and works great. I guess Oliver liked it too! Way to go Bill!! :-)
  17. A lot of improvements have been made in diesels. Easy to change fuel filters and systems that monitor them and any water in the fuel with new technology and popularly have helped a lot. Diesel is more available at gas stations and does not stay in the ground a long time to get water in it like it used to. The super low sulfer fuel has helped too. I stay away from gas stations that look like they may not pump much fuel and try to go to stations along the main drags that probably pump more fuel. Large truck stops pump a lot of fuel and your probably going the always get good fuel at them when traveling. Its all about good fuel with injectors. The Duramax engines have a 100,000 mile warranty now so they feel pretty good about their product.
  18. Should not be a problem. Just put a foam something down so you don't slip or scratch it.
  19. Do both of your Anderson adjustment nuts have the washer behind them that protects the bushing?
  20. It screamed at me when I test drove it. :-) A few 2019's are starting to come in so some dealers with a lot of inventory are starting to offer some good deals. It does ride a little rough on the interstate when empty but when the Ollie is hooked to it and gear is loaded it feels a lot better. It does not ride, turn, or park like our Tundra but its a big truck and when towing it is a dream and we primarily use it for a tow vehicle.
  21. Like Randy said it may be the check valve in the 12 volt pump. If the check valve leaks it allows city water to flow back to the fresh water tank and will fill and overflow it. Escape's had this problem a couple years ago replacing the pump or rebuilding it fixed the problem. Someone was having the problem at the rally this year and I spoke with Phillip Andrews about it and told him all the problems Escape was having.
  22. We carry a smaller 20 qt RTIC cooler on shorter trips and a 48 qt on longer trips. We keep drinks and quick reach things in the cooler and also use it to precool things before putting them in the fridge.
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