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  1. Do you have all the vents open. It has a freeze protection and will shut down the compressor and run the fan for about 10 minutes then come back on if it does not have enough air flow. I just had this problem and could not cool the trailer and with the EZ start could not hear the compressor cycling off unless I listened real close. If you have them all open it could be a bad sensor.
  2. We were in Ouray last week and had to leave a day early because the smoke was so bad. We had ash falling on us June 9th. No smoke over in Utah but we could see it again on I 70 coming back across but nothing like it was in Ouray.
  3. I wish I had one of those and the person to do the washing. ?
  4. Yes the door has a lip on the bottom to channel the water back into the shower.
  5. We have had no problem with Hull #305. Don't overload the drawers.
  6. On a percentage we run ours about 35-40% of the time. If your going to camp in the south during summer you will run it. We are heading to Colorado soon and don't expect to run it there, from there we go to Moab UT area and don't expect to turn it off there this time of year.
  7. I would be curious if a magnet would stick to BorninPalatka's too. It looks like it is a different metal then ours. What did Jason have to say?
  8. I have a shade problem with the cracks too and have contacted the shade company. They say they will send them out in about a month because they are backlogged.
  9. Thanks Darrell, I will order a replacemwnt lever too and leave the whole brace to someone that needs it.
  10. I need the other orange clip if Chris dont need both. I will look at mine today and see if I can see if it comes apart.
  11. I have applied clear automotive paint protection film made by 3M to the front of the trailer. I cant say yet how effictive it is but it appers to be a nice product. It applies like window tint and can be purchased in bulk. I put a 18" high piece across the front. The nice thing about it is you cant see it unless you really look hard and it can be easily removed. I will tell you in a year or so how well it works. ? You can see more information and videos here. http://www.invisiblemask.com/imask/ [attachment file=135490] [attachment file=20180425_162622(1).jpg]
  12. I think I know that girl 11 seconds into the video. :-)
  13. That is the location of the optional 30 amp connection.
  14. Thanks for this info Bill! I was not aware these came apart. Guess I will need to carry a bolt now on top of everything else. :-)
  15. Looking at the EZ Flex I don't understand how it changed the geometry. The front mounting point is the same. I see how the larger tires are a problem if things are not centered.
  16. Thanks for making us a set too and installing at the rally! Makes the door much stronger.
  17. We got the cushions from Oliver for one side too. We have found that we don't use them like we thought we would and its to many cushions to deal with at night for us so we now just carry 2 of them (one for each side) and leave the rest at home. We also have some throw pillows and between them and the 2 cushions it works for almost any sitting or lounging position.
  18. I have replace 2 of ours with the Blue Sea dual 2.1 amp so we can charge 2 devices at the same time from the same outlet but mainly to get rid of those darn blue lights while charging something overnight. I replaced the one beside the pantry and the one in the dinette seat.
  19. I am a moderator on the facebook site and remember this. It was a Mississippi state flag and not a confederate flag. Anyway she is not banned and can reapply at any time. Please PM me if you have any questions.
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