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  1. I just looked at ours and everything should be able to be done from the top. I would find out from Jason what the model number is (please let is know when he tells you) and download the instructions from the internet. The little hot/cold emblem (blue & red) should be a plug that is removable concealing a set screw to allow the handle to be removed. That should allow access to the cartridge. It should be a simple repair but I would download the instructions first.
  2. I would think you could change the valve cartridge out and stop the leak. I dont know the model of the bath faucet but its worth a call to Oliver.
  3. Great Rally! It was wonderful meeting everyone and putting a face to the screen names. I wish we had more time to meet the people we missed. We also were reintroduced to several people that we had meet back in our Casita days that are now Oliver owners. We live close to Lake Guntersville and had never visited this gem of a park before. What a great park for this rally. Everyone shared a wealth of information with us and their blogs and we are so thankful for all this information. A big thanks to Coy, Foy, Matt, Scott, Vendors, and all the people behind the scenes that made this such a great rally.
  4. I don't think Oliver supplies them any longer. I already had one but did not get one during delivery. Here is a video on how to make one.
  5. Your EMS (surge protector) is probably seeing the generator as a open ground. Look at the display and see if there is a error code. You will need to turn off the EMS at the display under the left side bed in order for the power to pass to the trailer. You will need to get a netural to ground bonding plug and plug into the generator to correct the problem to use the EMS with the generator. Of course bypassing the EMS will leave you unprotected from low or over voltage problems should you have them. https://www.makariosrv.com/generator-plug-bonded-progressive-industries-generator-plug/
  6. Looks great. Enjoy the ride!
  7. We have the Proven Ind. lock and so far I like it. Takes a minute to get the hook in it and the Oliver hooks are so big only one will fit.
  8. They do use wood on the bath wall and the wall dividing the closet and bath. They showed it to me during our tour and said its the only wood in the camper. They said they do it because people want to be able to hang stuff on that wall. In ours I can see the wood inside the closet looking up at the speaker cutout. Here is a picture of that wall being set in place.
  9. With the 6 reading lights that are now standard and the courtsey lights on the floor we find we can get almost any lighting mood we want.
  10. Campfire lodgings is a nice place. We have stayed there a couple times.
  11. I would say we have a little bit of a spam problem this morning. :-(
  12. Our top of ball height on our Anderson hitch is 23.25 and 24.25 on our standard hitch. We also have a 2016 Tundra but I have installed Sumo springs and with the Anderson there is no drop when hooked up and about 3/4" drop on the standard hitch. Our trailer weights 5260 loaded without any water in tanks and tounge weight is 480. I was told 23.5 to 24.5 by Oliver.
  13. We moved to site D8 when trumpetguy canceled.
  14. We were told no on a couple of simple request too. After seeing some crazy mods going on when we took the factory tour and talking about them with Brent I fully understand why they stopped. They were holding up the line big time and had to do something. The Oliver is a great trailer the way it is offered and with the options list they offer it is over the top. Escape also used to do almost any request you could think of and stopped just before we ordered ours for the same reason. They cannot be expected to hold up the line for custom requests that will affect production so for now they have stopped all custom work to concentrate on quality which was fine with me. I was able to get the bath mirror lowered 6" for my wife. :-)
  15. Yeah, well I used the trailer jacks anyway. :-) I used the spare and 1 tire. Had those 2 done and then took the other 2. I had to make 2 trips to the tire shop which took a little longer but that way I left the trailer with at least one wheel on the ground and the jack not holding as much weignt.
  16. I went and looked at changing some of ours last night. They must have changed USB outlets on the newer trailers. Ours has 5 USB outlets and each one has both a 2.1 and a 1.0 amp outlet.
  17. A couple notes on the Dill I forgot to mention. The sensors are mounted inside the tire so the tires do have to be removed and rebalanced. Also it comes with a optional external antenna that can be mounted under the tow vehicle and run up into the cab. This is optional but I have found it eliminates any false alarms. False alarms tend to scare the heck out of you because they seem to happen at the worst time in heavy traffic from signal loss. They did not happen often but a couple times was enough for me to install the external antenna. This extra work would make the Dill system not the ideal system for everybody. Most of the other systems like TST and other described here are much easier to install with screw on sensors.
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