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  1. It looks like there is going to be quit a few new Duramax's at the rally next year.
  2. The picture in the previous post of the silver truck shows our Leer. I went with the 100XL. It took 5 weeks to get because they custom match the paint. Our dealer said he used to carry ARE but had too many problems with them. I'm sure they all bash whichever one they don't carry. The removable front window is a must if you want to be able to clean the back window of the truck. We got a slider too but probably don't need that because when I open the rear window in the truck air still flows through the truck because of the space between the cap and cab. Might open it to help air through the cap sometime but have not done that yet. We also added the liner to the inside and it gives a much nicer finished off look. We had a tonneau cover on our last 2 trucks and the cap is so much nicer and easier to deal with. I have a friend that has a ARE and he is very happy with it. I had a ARE hard tonneau a few years back and it was a very nice product that was on the truck for 8 years. I do love my Leer cap and it seems to be a quality product too.
  3. We installed the Husky mud flaps. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MYMF82A/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 [attachment file=20180815_132145.jpg]
  4. The Oliver requires a 2" ball unless you change the coupler which there is no need to do. This is the one we use on our 2500 HD https://www.etrailer.com/Ball-Mounts/Curt/C45312.html https://www.etrailer.com/Hitch-Ball/Curt/A-90.html [attachment file=20181011_182013.jpg]
  5. Yes If you delete the microwave they still install the outlet in the cabinet above and there is a hole to run a plug through. You could get a small microwave later and put it in the storage cabinet.
  6. This usually ends up being a defective check valve in the water pump allowing water to flow backwards into the fresh tank but can also be a hand valve leaking by.
  7. As Steve says it takes a while for them to settle down. Make sure your tanks are clean and just leave them overnight.
  8. It's a 2 handed operation. With one hand hold the gold latch vertical, then push up on the TV to where the latch is able to set in the hook on the mount. Don't feel bad, I spent half our 1st night with the trailer trying to figure it out.
  9. In your picture the TV is not hooked on the gold color latch.
  10. We still use it for that reason. It helps with the porpoiseing although there is not much with the 2500 without it. I probably would not use it if we did not already have it.
  11. I'm not finding that, all I find is this. "Monitoring System for Tanks and Batteries Standard"
  12. We also use the Mopeka system and find it works very good. Works much better than the Truma gauge. [attachment file=Screenshot_20180804-124441_Tank ✓.jpg]
  13. Its just a propane leak detector mounted under the dinette. All campers have them. It does not monitor the propane tanks.
  14. Steve Thanks for the info. Actually we like the touch of wood on the door. Adds a nice contrast to all the white. I was very leary when ordering but as soon as we walked into the camper at delivery we loved it and the added space. We keep our coffee pot and insta pot both in it along with some adult beverages.
  15. We are getting 14-15 MPH depending on our speed and terrain.
  16. The door was only offered in wood when we got ours. They have a few different stains and try to match it to the floor. It is made out of wood on the inside and finished off nicely. It has a rubber mat like in the cabinets for the bottom. We love it. The nightstand door allows access to the basement. It's not much but if your not getting the table get the door.
  17. We are and love it. We moved up from a Tundra to a 2018 GMC 2500 Duramax SLT because we needed more payload capacity. We have had lots of trucks over the years and so far I like this one better than all the others. It makes towing effortless. The only disadvantages I can think of is that its a little harder to park in tight parking lots and not as smooth when not towing as the Tundra or any 1500 pickup is going to be because its a HD truck. The advantages far out way the disadvantages like exhaust braking, power, payload capacity, interior comfort, braking, towing ride, stability. It is great in the mountains and exhaust breaking makes the downhills so much easier.
  18. Just a FYI. We had a problem with the built in microwave in our Casita 4 years after our trailer was built to find out the microwave was discontinued and there was no replacement that would fit. It was a major job to convert it back to a cabinet. We deleted the microwave in the Oliver and love the cabinet we got instead. Depends on how you plan to camp.
  19. We had a power Dometic awning on our Escape. Im not sure what model Oliver is going to use. It was self supporting and had no support legs. It was easy to operate by just pushing a button on the remote control to open and close. It did not use much power to open and close. It seemed kind of delicate and there were some people that had problems with them, we did not. They were not able to be tilted to shead off rain and had to be retracted most of the way in the rain. Some overloaded with water and damaged the arms during heavy rain. They were suppose to have a dump feature but it did not seem to work very good. They don't handle wind as good as one with supports but none of them really do as we saw at the rally this year. Escape has announced they are discontinuing the power awning on the 2019 models and I am not sure why. Overall I was not a fan of it and only had it out if I was sitting under it. I like our Carefree better but also do not leave it out if we are not in the campground.
  20. I went with the 1400E, it's a little lighter but still tall enough to get on the roof of our house.
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