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  1. We can change the source input on the television itself but can't seem to do it via the Jensen remote (we have the newer Jensen TV and Jensen stereo that uses a single remote.) I have a service request in for that answer but thought maybe someone can give me a "using the remote for Dummies" quick answer. Pushing the obvious buttons on the remote doesn't do anything. Thanks, Hobo
  2. What video are you speaking of? I am intrigued now.
  3. Since my life doesn't revolve around being able to get onto the Oliver Forum, I find it to be quite acceptable. It's been there when I actually needed it. There are other much larger forums that I frequent more than the Oliver forum and each of them have had their "bad days" too. I still find them useful. I personally am thankful for what we've already got. Improvement is always good, and I'm sure within reason, Oliver will address user concerns as they always seem to do.
  4. With the exception of the roof trusses, it was stick built.
  5. Power won't be too hard. I have two, 200 AMP panels in my garage at the house so I'll just Ditch Witch a 200 foot (or so) trench down to the Hideout. I'll drop some Cat 5 or 6 wire in the conduit too for phone or internet or whatever. From another direction, I'll trench out a water line from my existing barn over to the Hideout and put in a frost-free spigot outside the structure. All I'll need then is a house number for it so I can have pizza delivered! I know it seems a little over-kill but the Oliver is quite an investment and I sure want to protect it. Also, our HOA requires all recreational vehicles to be housed in a structure and not visible to adjoining property owners. Luckily, except for the basic structure itself, all the other features are within my capabilities (with the help of friends) to do at actual cost of materials. I might have to have Foy make me a neat little "HOBO Hideout" sign for the front of it with his new super-duper-electronic-computer controlled, wood carving machine! BTW: The overhead door should be installed this week.
  6. We took possession of our trailer (2 Hobos) in May and now we have a new parking place for it. Attached is a pic of a new building for HOBO just completed (sort of) today. The structure is 32' long, 20 wide, and ceiling height is 12'. Door opening is 12' wide by 11 tall. I think even a blind pig could slip HOBO into this without much trouble. Overhead door, concrete floor (with help from friends), and exterior stonework (me) next. In that order. Electric and water soon to arrive too. We're really excited to get HOBO under cover. The really amazing part of this story is that it was constructed by two young Amish men (early 20s) in just four days. That is from bare ground to final structure Four days, 2 men. These are remarkable young folks. We had a lot of fun together and really enjoyed having them around for the last few days. We formed a personal relationship with them and hope to see them again soon.
  7. That is the term we used within DoD for the Corp of Engineers too.
  8. I personally can't imagine two people AND a 35lb dog full-timing in a 23 foot Ollie. I think it would be bordering on an endurance contest. One person, small dog, maybe.
  9. OK, Great start but where do we park them now? I think the list deserves higher level visibility than just a thread under one of the existing sections. Maybe something over in the Oliver University area??
  10. Seadog, As a moderator can you see what can be done (or who has the ability/authority) to create an actual index of terms? It's nice that we are getting input but unless it's put into an organized, updatable, table of some sort, it will become ineffective in very short order. There should be a standard template used so that submissions are easy to find and understand. Example: BLM (Bureau of Land Management) A U.S. Department of Interior Agency responsible for .....(TBD) COE (Corps of Engineers) A U.S. Army agency responsible for....TBD) SOB (some-other-brand) A term used by Oliver owners when referring to other brands of trailers. OTTO (Oliver Travel Trailer Owners). Submissions (for the actual listing) should be acronyms or abbreviations that are already commonly used. For example: suggestions for new terms such as what to call a bunch of Oliver trailers traveling in a group, would only be added if and when a consensus is agreed to and the term is commonly accepted and used. Suggestions for new terms could be vetted through a different thread. I think this is a great opportunity to provide assistance to new and potential Oliver owners as well as some of us who have been around a little while but might be a little slow on the up-take (me). I would be glad to help organize and maintain such a database but I don't have the ability to create it or the permissions to make changes. I suggest too, that the list be monitored to some degree by moderators to ensure submissions are actually legitimate, commonly used terms used in the industry (or at least within the forum). This shouldn't become a creative thinking and writing forum. Let me know what I can do to help. Hobo
  11. I kept seeing references to OTTO which is "Oliver Travel Trailer Owners".
  12. It took me a little head scratching to figure out why everyone kept talking about the televisions when I realized "TV" meant "tow vehicle."
  13. Been reading some threads on ""Where's Ollie" and have run across the term "COE" campgrounds. Can someone explain? Also, having been on the forum for some time now, I have noted several terms and acronyms being used that I finally broke the code on but: how about a new category be created specifically as a lookup tool for someone who might not be up-to-speed on the trailer speak? Maybe call it something like "Common RV Terms and Abbreviations". It would be nice if the list was alphabetic, dynamic, and updateable and not just a placeholder for individual comments. Is this doable?
  14. Ditto on the kudos to the service folks who were at the rally. We had a couple of minor issues that we had requested in advance be looked at and they were taken care of. One of them required a new propane tank cover be brought in. Richie and Justin (first day) and then Richie and Jason (second day) worked like dogs on our trailer over two days bringing in parts from the Mother Ship several times a day. Can't say enough about the service support from Oliver. The day after we got home, we got a call from Cindy in service checking to make sure all our issues were addressed. A huge salute to Oliver Service. Bar-None; the best in the industry.
  15. Got HOBO (#414) last earlier this week and per forum discussion pulled the wheels and took them to have them balanced. First thing I noticed is that all four wheels had wheel weights on the inside of the rims right from Oliver. Problem is they still weren't balanced. What's with the factory wheel weights if not for balance? Next issue I noted is that at least two of the wheels seem to have a noticeable amount of play in the bearings and this is checking both before and after taking them off and putting them back on. Is this normal for a Dexter axle? I will see the Dexter rep next week at the rally but was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?
  16. Heck, we're already finding things we got for the trailer that we're leaving at home next time. They'll probably be replaced with different version of whatever their function was though.
  17. It's been a long wait but we finally picked up hull #414. It was produced in Dec and was in fact the last 2018 made. The delay was at our request due to the need for a hip replacement combined with winter weather; forcing us to wait till now to take advantage of our new home on wheels. Here are a couple of pics and we look beat but I think everyone does by the time they spend all day going over their units but it was well worth the wait. We camped at David Crockett State Park for three nights and then headed back to VA stopping in Christiansburg at a winery to spend the night, taking her home on Monday. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the rally and expect to learn a lot more while there. (Not sure why the one pic is turned sideways. It was that way when I imported it.) Can't find the rotate option either. Paul & Donna
  18. Thanks but it was "Newshoes" that posed that question. I will remember your response though on thoseoccasionss that I have a brain fart and forget.
  19. Got home today after traveling from Hohenwald to Winchester, VA.. About 10-11 hours all interstate (60-75 MPH). Started the initial cleaning and Donna discovered a fair amount of dust in the second drawer down, closest to the frig. Other drawers might have had little dust but noticeably less than the silverware drawer. I did do a search and found some discussions about dust which morphed from filters of some nature on the frig outside air intake to positive pressure systems. What is the consensus (if there is such a thing on this forum) as a first step measure to minimize or omit this this problem? I Thanks, Hobo
  20. The Northwood is everything Oliver has improved upon. The Northwood is cookie-cutter, RV industry standard wide, tall, heavy, high maintenance, stick built, 5 year life span for 40% less cost but 90% less quality. This is the kind of run-of-the-mill RV that Oliver owners are running away from.
  21. OK, the verdict is in: The grey tank was in fact almost full. Apparently when the trailer was de-winterized the morning we picked it up, the fluids all ended up in the grey water tank. When I went to dump it on the way out of camp this morning, there was a LOT of fluid. And it wasn't from us! We might have used 3-4 gallons of water tops. On the trailer hitch height, I have to agree with the previous comment of around 21.5". I have it set at 24" and it's too high even with the 2 /5/16" ball. My guess it will end up somewhere between 21-22" to be perfectly level. On a totally different subject, we're camped out at a vineyard in Christiansburg, VA about 4 hours from home in N. VA. We are members of "Harvest Hosts" and we're camping overnight at a very peaceful, beautiful vineyard at no cost except the annual membership of about $57. Worth checking out if you're not familiar with it.
  22. In fact, it is elevated to some degree. I am hooked up to truck for an early morning departure so it does set up a little high righ now. Left to right is level though. I have decided to dump on the way out in the AM just to make sure though. Related/unrelated: I am finding that my hitch is actually higher than necessary. I was told the top of my ball should be about 24" high but in reality, my trailer is actually level at about 21" of height. Any thoughts about that? Thanks for the input. I'll report back on how much grey water was actually in the tank after I dump.
  23. Doing our sea-trial and we're not using shower, etc. We left the factory on Thursday and assume the grey water tank was empty. We have only used a few gallons worth of water for rinsing some dishes and washed my hand a couple of time. Monitor reading for grey water is reading "100" which I assume means 100 % full. The manual was not helpful BTW: Can someone tell me what's going on? I attempted to leave a message for service (it's Saturday) and I was under the impression that Jason and or Rodney monitor the service line after hours. The dump site here is not user friendly from what I can see so I don't want to try to dump (in the rain) if not necessary. Can someone offer a suggestion here?
  24. Bill, I think you're right. What was a very nice picture this morning is now pixelating on it's own due to (presumably) the heavy weather we're experiencing today. I'll retest in an area with both better over-the-air signals and nice weather.
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