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  1. I’m in the same group as Steve. Overkill when towing and loaded up with cargo is never a bad thing. I’m towing with an F-250 6.2 gas engine, and this is our third tow vehicle after a Ford Expedition and a Nissan Armada. Both of those were ok for towing the Elite II but when fully loaded there wasn’t much safety margin, and they struggled a bit when towing over steep mountains. I would never downsize to a smaller tow vehicle at this point. I love the way the F-250 handles towing the EII, even with the pickup bed loaded with all our camping gear, two bicycles, etc.
  2. Oliver only offers two models: The smaller Elite I with a dry (empty) weight of 3,700 lbs. The larger Elite II with a dry (empty) weight of 4,900 lbs. And when the trailer is loaded with some options, tanks full, and camping accessories you can probably add 500 pounds or more to each of those weights. So even the smaller Elite I is too much weight for your vehicle. If you are really intent on towing with such a small vehicle like the Subaru, you need to be looking at trailers with a dry weight of less than 2,000 lbs. Or consider getting a bigger tow vehicle.
  3. Is the 937 lbs. limit what is printed on the sticker on the Mercedes driver’s door jamb? (The sticker will look something like this shown in the photo. This is from my F-250, a cargo limit of 3,334 lbs and my towing capacity is 12,500 lbs, so the loaded Elite II plus all our camping gear, bicycles, people, etc in the truck is not a problem). If your actual cargo/payload limit is only 937 lbs. then that is definitely not adequate for towing an Elite II. The limit of 937 lbs. seems really low even if you aren’t towing. You would get close to that with just 4 adults and a bit of luggage in the Mercedes.
  4. I’ve had the same problem with mine but it seems related to the use of either vinegar for sanitizing or the winterizing solution. I think some of the rubber seals in the faucet head are affected/swell up from exposure to the chemicals, reducing the flow. I just replaced the sprayer head and problem solved. Cheap and easy fix. Dura Faucet RV Kitchen Faucet Designer Toggling Pull-Out Sprayer Replacement - for Dura Faucet Faucets Only (Brushed Satin Nickel) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009Y06H3Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_5WEG1XNWRCRX50546YVP?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  5. I always tell people that the choice of cap vs. tonneau cover really depends on what else you want to use your truck for besides camping. I haul a lot of stuff for home projects, hauling motorcycles in the bed, and moving furniture for friends and relatives, hauling top soil or mulch, etc. So I wanted full standing access to the bed when needed. I went with the WeatherTech folding rigid tonneau cover and a home built bike rack mounted over that as our setup for camping/towing the Ollie. The bike rack is built with quick release attachments so the rack can be easily removed so I can fold up or completely remove the tonneau cover.
  6. If all of your trailer lights and trailer brakes are working correctly when towing, it’s doubtful that those 4 unattached wires are related to the 7 pin harness.
  7. No matter which toilet option you choose, you will still have the gray water tank to empty (the tank that collects water from the sinks/shower) and most states/campgrounds prohibit dumping gray water on the ground, so you’re still dealing with the campground sewer connection. And with the composting toilet you still have to dump the small pee tank somewhere.
  8. Here’s the ball mount hitch and ball I’m using on my F-250. My F-250 has a 2-1/2” receiver. Truck, receiver, ball mount and ball all rated well in excess of the Ollie weight for a big safety margin. The ball mount is a 3” drop and that put the ball at the proper height for my truck. Reese Towpower 45322 2 1/2" Titan... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003JID6U6?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share CURT 40056 Stainless Steel... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08557RHP1?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  9. I use a couple quick links on the receiver frame slots to make it easier to connect the safety cable snap hooks. And yes, the Rock Tamers are from Amazon, but make sure you get the set with a 2-1/2” yoke to fit the 2-1/2” stinger. Stainless Steel 316 Quick Link 1/2" (12mm) Marine Grade https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MS5C49E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_R0TD0D7KRVPQPBAJ0HXF?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  10. I dumped the Andersen when I upgraded to our F-250. I purchased a 2-1/2” stinger mount and it’s all worked great. The towing, tongue weight and cargo capacity ratings of the F-250 are all way more than sufficient for the Elite II, and the F-250 has electronic trailer sway control. So the Andersen hitch isn’t needed for weight distribution or anti-sway. Our previous tow vehicles were a Ford Expedition (very similar to the F-150 in all towing specs) and a Nissan Armada, and both of those vehicles needed the Andersen hitch for weight distribution to meet the tongue weight limit. Some will say to use the Andersen even with an F-250 for additional safety but Andersen’s instructions very clearly state to TURN OFF any tow vehicle electronic sway control so the Andersen is actually counterproductive if your tow vehicle doesn’t need it.
  11. Thanks John. I did get genuine Timken seals for repacking the bearings, plus an extra full set of Timken bearings (SET4 and SET17) to have for emergency on the road just in case, from an authorized Timken distributor, and verified as genuine with the WBA app as well. And yes, the motorcycle fork and bearing seals I’ve worked with have all been rubber coated.
  12. In the Dexter video for bearing repacking, the voice over mentions that when replacing the seal, a Permatex high temp red RTV silicone gasket should be applied to the outer diameter of the seal before application, starting around the 5:00 minute mark of the video. But it looks like just red grease being applied. Has anyone actually installed the seals with RTV silicone gasket sealant? Seems like it would make seal removal the next time a real pain. Other bearing seals I’ve replaced on motorcycles, etc have never said to use an RTV silicone gasket when installing.
  13. Yeah, apparently making shock bushings that don’t degrade & split is an unknown science that seems to elude most companies. 🙄 Here’s a pic of the shock bushings on my 2 year old F-250.
  14. Oliver purchases the galvanized steel suspension sub-frame. I believe it is from Dexter or some other third party. But it still may be Oliver’s problem if the subframe is being built by the third party to Oliver’s specs. Oliver manufactures the main aluminum frame in-house.
  15. That configuration is definitely wrong. The emergency breakaway cable should go directly from the breakaway switch on the trailer to the tow vehicle, usually attached to one of the slots or metal loops on the hitch receiver on the tow vehicle. As yours is currently configured that would likely do absolutely nothing to activate the trailer brakes if the trailer came unhitched.
  16. Is the circuit breaker at the campground AC electrical connection turned on? Campgrounds usually have circuit breakers in the electrical box that you plug into. And it’s recommended best practice to turn the breaker off when plugging in or disconnecting, and then turn the circuit breaker on after you are connected. Turning the breaker off when connecting or disconnecting your AC shore power cable prevents electrical arcing that can damage your plug. More than a few people have overlooked checking this one simple thing.
  17. I carry 30 feet total (3 ten foot sections) and so far that’s always been enough.
  18. To clarify a few things: The inverter is not used when connected to campground shore power. The campground shore power provides AC power directly to the AC outlets, microwave, etc. in the Ollie. The inverter is not used when using a generator. The inverter is used when boondocking for using the onboard batteries to provide power to the AC outlets. The inverter converts the battery DC voltage to AC voltage. Your generator may be putting out 120volts but that doesn’t mean it can supply enough wattage to run the microwave and whatever else you may be running at the same time. What is the continuous wattage output rating of your generator?
  19. On yours, does the frame bracket have a hole that the threaded shock mount passes through? Or is it an open slot all the way to the edge of the bracket? I’m just surprised that the threaded rod of the shock is that close to the outer edge of the bracket in the photo that Fritz showed. The brackets on mine have just a round hole so the shock can’t get that close to the edge of the bracket.
  20. On mine, the bushings do NOT appear over-torqued/excessively squeezed, but they are still cracked. Looks like the bushings that come with these standard shocks are just a really crappy low quality material that degrades quickly.
  21. Same rumor was floating around last year because of some people connecting it to the hand sanitizer demand during the pandemic. But there never was any actual shortage of RV antifreeze. Different chemicals are used for hand sanitizer. Local Walmarts and auto stores here all have plenty of RV antifreeze on the shelves right now. And 3 to 4 gallons is about what is needed for winterizing. I always end up using about 4 gallons or so by the time I winterize every part of the Ollie water system.
  22. If at all possible, stay locally at a campground around Hohenwald for a few days after you pick up your trailer so you can make sure everything is working as it should, or for any additional training on things that you might have not fully understood during the delivery orientation. Judging from the questions and replies here on this forum and on the Oliver Facebook page, probably half the issues that new owners (and even some older owners) have are user error. There are a few campgrounds around there that Oliver can recommend.
  23. Doing some underside inspection on our Ollie Elite II (2019 Hull #461) and I noticed the rubber shock bushings on the original shocks are showing signs of cracking. We are done with our travels for this year so I’ll probably be replacing the shocks in the spring. Anyone have recommendation for a good aftermarket shock? Found some on Amazon from Lippert but I’d prefer something a bit higher quality.
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