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  1. Mike, you have always impressed me with your style of answers. You always show concern and try to help with any questions. Thanks. Have a great weekend. John
  2. "No noticeable temp increases." When I used my TST tpms this summer on my pop up trailer, I saw an increase in the temperature that stabilized. I ran the tires at 50 and they increased to 59. Temperature was not worrisome. I will be towing our Oliver in November with a low weight as it will be new. Any idea what we should air it up to?
  3. I used my TST on my pop up trailer and it worked great. In November I will use it on the Oliver when we pick it up.
  4. We finalized our options two days ago and we went with the back up camera. It can also give you rear view vision ability while driving. The more eyes there are on traffic the better. So to answer your question, no we haven't used it yet, but I love back up cameras on vehicles. Our delivery date is November 7. Best regards, John
  5. How do you clean those? Seems an odd question since they carry clean water, but I found on bike trips that when I refill my water bottles on a long trip, that eventually they grow stuff on the inside. With those, I can easily clean them, but with those blue containers, how do you keep stuff from growing inside or how do you clean the inside?
  6. Our delivery date is November 7 so we're getting our options list figured out. Maybe we'll see you in Tennessee!
  7. Hi all, we're down to less than a month away from needing to finalize options. Has anyone just gone with the stock mattresses and put a wool topper or another topper on it. We use a firm mattress at home so this might be both cheaper and lighter for those times that a mattress has to be lifted to work on valves, etc. I understand the latex mattress is comfortable but it's heavy. Thanks, John Welte
  8. My guess is that if you could bring them inside, that they would move around too much despite being bungee corded and mar surfaces. I think the forces exerted on the bikes due to trailer movements would damage the surfaces. Maybe if they're wrapped in blankets you might stand a chance, but how do you secure them inside? Where does the bungee attach in the trailer. Those same forces might pull the attachment in the trailer away and damage your trailer.
  9. In reading the forum for the last year, I have learned a lot. I didn't know about payload, GVRW, GCVRW, etc. It will be eye opening to see rigs this summer where the tv isn't matched even closely to the trailer. John
  10. John, we're getting a 2022 LE2 with solar and lithium batteries in November. Will ours need this battery monitor? Thanks, John
  11. STAR BRITE Liquid Electrical Tape - 4 FL Oz Can With Applicator Brush Cap - Protective, Airtight, Waterproof, Flexible, Dielectric Coating - Indoor & Outdoor Use John, I see it comes in clear also. Do you use clear on the 7 pin plug to seal out water? Do you use it anywhere else? John
  12. Katjo's experience was very educational. The pictures she shared and the comments were valuable. I do want to learn as much as possible before we get our Ollie in five months. The forum has been great for learning.
  13. I am glad it's fixed for you. That was a bad way to start life with your Ollie. Hope it's all trouble free from here on. Have a great first summer with it.
  14. "We are taking delivery of our 2022 Elite II in November as well. My review of posts on this forum over the past 9 months has persuaded me that we, as consumers, are the final quality control inspectors for the Oliver trailers we buy. So, I have compiled a long list of items to check, and system tests to conduct, during the first few days after pickup." We have November 7 as our delivery day. We plan to test out everything and leave for Oregon on the 11th. Maybe we will cross paths. When is your delivery date? If you want to be famous, would you be willing to share your list with me? I know Oliver has their own list, but you might have thought of things that bear inspection from reading the forum. You won't be famous worldwide, but with us you will be. 😂🤣 Best regards, John
  15. "Of note however was the battery box support member only had a single tightened bolt holding it up, The second bolt was in place but not even finger tight" I wonder how these are overlooked in the inspection process. I thought they were inspected and signed off all along the build process. We pick up in November, so will do a thorough inspection of everything before leaving for Oregon. John, unknown hull number
  16. We just got a Frigidaire 4 burner induction cook top for the house after our Amana halogen unit failed. It's insanely fast. This model was $900, but there were many in the $2000 range. I like it. I was thinking of getting a portable induction burner for the Ollie. It looks like it might only be feasible with shore power.
  17. Does your mud flap do the job to protect the trailer? I am considering Rock Tamers. They're bigger and attach at the hitch. We get our Ollie in November so I anticipate some rainy weather on the trip back to Oregon. It would be nice if it wasn't chipped up and filthy by the time we get home.
  18. I read an article in RV Life that said to just buy new tires when you get your new trailer as they put on very cheap tires to get the trailers and RV's out the door. I assume they meant other trailer brands. I can't picture that being an issue with Oliver.
  19. Does lactaid work? A lot of people can't tolerate dairy. Northern European ancestry can for the most part. We're from Swedish ancestry so we have no problem.
  20. So apparently my wife is right again. We don't need to tell her.
  21. I thought the only R value that Oliver talked about were the windows. R16 for the windows was a figure that I recall. I could be wrong. My wife would agree that I could be wrong.
  22. "Our 2008, waxed twice yearly, with quality, uv protection carnuba based wax, still looks great, stored outside 24/7/365. We also wash it frequently, with marine soap." What are the names of those two products? Do you use the clay bar to buff? I saw that mentioned somewhere on a thread.
  23. Was it a hard decision? I think someone said you lose a little counter space with the convection one. Do you know how much is lost?
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