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  1. Hi all, for the cooks among you, are you happy with the convection oven? Can you cook with it if you are boondocking with a lithium pro package, or is it limited to FHU? My wife wanted some thoughts on it. Thanks, John
  2. Hi Ralph, how is the convection microwave working out for you? Do you have to be connected to shore power to operate it? We have an LE2 on order for November delivery with lithium pro package. I am just not sure if we can cook for very long with battery power. John
  3. Do you know if the Anderson WDH is compatible with the Weigh Safe? We pick up an LE2 in November. Our tv requires a wdh. It's a 2017 Ford Expedition LE with heavy duty tow package. I like the idea of a hitch scale. Thanks, John
  4. Hi all, I did a search on this topic and couldn't find anything, but has anyone put a ceramic coating on a new trailer? I would think the prep work is nil as no buffing is required. Has anyone just bought the material and applied it right out of the can? Does this make sense? I have seen some videos of applying it with a rag and wiping it off. Please direct me to a thread if one exists that has already covered this topic. Thanks, John
  5. My first purchase! Done. Less than five months of waiting left for us.
  6. Chris, did you go with the 2 5/8 inch ball? I am leaning towards that for our November delivery. You also get a beefier Bulldog coupler. John
  7. EDIT - it is 6’7” from the rear axle to the center of the bumper 😥
  8. Hi all, I went out looking at trailer specific bike racks and they wanted to know the distance from the pin that holds the bike hitch to the center of the rear wheel on the tandem axle LE2. If it's under 6 feet I have more options. Our two bikes aren't very heavy, about 20 for one and 39 for the electric bike. If anyone is bored and looking at the tape measure on your kitchen counter, do you want to measure that? After you're done, you can put the tape measure back in the garage. See, I am helping you! Thanks
  9. And let's get rid of vehicles. Horse and buggy or if you're cheap, just a horse.
  10. Looks like you managed to get a bigger area too. Looks good. Great suggestion! Thanks!
  11. Hi all, we have a November 7 delivery date, so we sat around the kitchen table looking at options. We have a few questions. 1. If you have the 30 amp connection at the front do you use it much? I assume it's for a generator hook-up. We're getting the Lithium Pro package. I don't foresee weeks of boondocking. Would it be useful to have? It's probably very expensive to add later. 2. Ultrafabric upgrade. Does that include the dining cushions also? I saw it for the twin bed fp. 3. Storage basket. We're thinking of going with 20# propane and carrying a 20# in the storage basket. Can a propane tank be carried there and how is it secured? Our thought was we could take it out at the camp area and hook up to a stove or firepit and not get the quick connect propane for front and back. 4. For those people that have the shower track option, is it worth it or if you don't have it, do you wish you did? 5. Bike rack. Do two standard bikes block the tail lights/turn signals on the back of the trailer? Oliver has some V shaped bike rack that attaches at the top and bottom of the bicycle wheels. Thanks so much for any responses. You all have been very helpful. My wife was hesitant to buy because of the cost, but sees the value in these trailers. Happy Mother's Day to you moms out there.
  12. I wrote to Dexter today and they said the bearings have a five year warranty. I will still ask Jason, but at least the warranty sounds reasonable.
  13. I will have a 2022 LE2 in November. What is the bearing set that is recommended as it will have the Nev-r-lube bearings, I assume.
  14. I am thinking of getting the Garmin RV 780 as it's smaller. I will have the TPMS also to put somewhere. It's going to be tricky to find places for both things that still allow me to see the road.
  15. "Flat tire - I carry a "plug" kit that I can get in WalMart. I've always carried one of these kits - with or without the Ollie in tow." Bill what's this item? Any pictures of it? John
  16. We live in Oregon where it's required to have both front and rear license plates. I think it's crazy to not have both ends with license plates. The dash cam would catch the number on the plate in this case and make it easier to catch the guy. Now all they have is the truck appearance and if the driver had his mouth open, then maybe the images of his surprised wide open mouth would help identify him through dental records.
  17. Regarding pricing, I like to compare the number of hours or months of work required to buy something versus the price. For example in 1978 when I first started working a good wage was over $10k/year. 40 years later it was 60-70k/year. It seems the number of months required to buy a car is about the same now as then. Not a scientific study, just my observation.
  18. Our delivery date is November 7 so we're looking at options now. I plan on getting the back-up camera option that can be on for rearview observation while driving. I did get a TST tpms to monitor the tire pressures and temperature. My cockpit might start looking like a Boeing 777 before long.
  19. I like the smaller display. I have a similar tray in my console.
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