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  1. Thanks John, you and others on the forum have been great with advice for this soon to be Ollie owner. T- 29 days John
  2. Hi all, do I need to bring a jack along for the unlikely, but still possible, flat tire. My 2017 Ford Expedition has a jack. As I understand it, the stabilizer legs aren't meant for lifting the trailer, but only to stabilize it. I assume on a 2022 LE2 if I was to ride one tire up on an Andersen leveler that the other tire would remain on the ground. I am getting a few items in preparation for pick up in less than a month. I did buy a Proven Lock, yoke and Abus lock because I don't want to have this trailer stolen! John
  3. Great looking bike and rack. I haven't bought a rack yet, but I do have the Oliver bike rack mount ordered. Less than a month to go now.
  4. "I think my wife’s new Bosch ebike battery is going to stay in the house over the winter" John what kind of ebike and do you put it on the bike rack behind your Ollie? John
  5. We will be driving home to Oregon from Hohenwald in about 5 weeks. I ordered AAA TripTiks for a direct route and a southern route avoiding big cities. I have no desire to drive straight through Memphis or other large cities towing our Ollie.
  6. I just bought both locks that you wrote about. I pick up the trailer in a month. Thanks for your recommendation. I do have a stainless steel locking pin to attach the hitch to the tv. I hope that's all I need. Proven sells a pin too, but I am not sure how much better it is than mine. John
  7. Mike, we pick up on November 7 and chose the Truma. It was more expensive, but from what I read in the forum, most people don't like the Dometic. Oliver did a video comparing the two a couple months ago with decibel ratings. I don't know if there have been many installed yet. I don't know how the Truma compares to the Houghton. John
  8. I wonder how across the board this is. If they indeed made super duty trucks less safe to save a few cents, then maybe they did this to all models. My pet peeve is corporate greed that for some corporations knows no limits. John
  9. Kirk, did you choose the Truma a/c? We did. It's more $ but I hope it's worth the extra. That was quite the decision process as every decision was more $. John
  10. Welcome to the family. I am confident that the company can sort it out for you. John
  11. Kirk, When is your delivery day? Ours is November 7. John
  12. That's on par with everyone it seems. We had to use a mediator on a family lawsuit with my wife's family and he charged $500/hour. Mediation took about 10 hours!
  13. "Have you considered asking Service if they will do the entire trailer BEFORE delivery if you send them a 16 ounce bottle of Rejex? That would certainly be simpler." Great idea John. I will ask about that. Thanks for your suggestion.
  14. John, We will pick up on November 7 and I plan to use Rejex instead of wax based on the recommendation of an Ollie owner who swears by it. I hope to apply some on pick up to make it easier to clean the bugs off after the over 2000 mile trip back to Oregon. If it's decent weather and not cold, does that seem doable? When the trailer is delivered, I would think it wouldn't have any wax on it. I may just do the front if my time and weather allow it. Does this sound like a good plan? John
  15. Hi all, does anyone have recommendations for a good dehumidifier and tubing to exit the trailer? John Davies recommended the night table between the twin beds as there's an outlet there. I am looking for some way to use tubing to let the condensate exit the trailer by some tubing. I will have the basement door between the beds if that helps. Thanks. John
  16. "If your Expedition is not completely up to date on maintenance, get that done in the next month. Change drive train fluids, make sure the tires and brakes are fresh and good, have a load test done on the battery. A five year old battery and tires are “aged out” and more likely to fail. It is best to change them rather than have to deal with a failure in the middle of nowhere. Have the entire vehicle looked over before your momentous looong road trip. Buy a TPMS for the trailer and install it promptly, and make sure your Ollie tires are set to around 50 psi at most." The tires are new, maintenance up to date. Battery is new. Good advice to have the Expedition looked at as you suggested. I do have a tpms. I think that's a must have. Thanks for all the suggestions. Thanks also for making your enclosed storage area big enough for two Olivers. That was great foresight! Glad we don't live that far from you. 😂🤣 John
  17. " Carol had her iPhone videoing a lot of it. I retained less than 50% of what I was told and had to review what she captured. " That's a good idea. Thanks Mike
  18. I am more hands on too. I will try to ratchet down the overthinking part. Thanks for reassuring me. John
  19. "For trailer leveling, I use the LevelMate Pro by LogicBlue. I purchased it and had Oliver install it for me on delivery day in the closet because I was not confident that the attaching screws would be too long and pierce the visible side of the fiberglass. This system works like a charm, and I have verified its accuracy using a 4' level. I also use the Andersen leveling wedges, the Andersen trailer jack blocks, and heavy rubber wheel chocks I purchased at Northern Tool." I have the same leveling tool in the box still. Good to know that they can install it on delivery day. I am a member of the Facebook Oliver owners page and that's been helpful. Thanks for your comments. The forum members have been very helpful since my first post saying my wife is hesitant to buy because of the cost. I have the TST tpms. I will get the other items you mentioned. Thanks again. John
  20. "i recommend that after picking up your trailer, stay in the general area for a few days. try all the components. try them while connected to shore power, and not connected to shore power." Our pick up day is a Monday and we plan to stay in the area until about Friday. One night at OTT, then close by at Davey Crockett. If all goes well we will leave on Friday or Saturday. I imagine we will meet others that are picking up then also and we can share thoughts. Thanks very much for your comments. John
  21. I have been reading the forum for the last year, looking at videos and the Oliver University. There's a lot to learn. I have read most of the manual. I don't feel confident that I will be ready. Have you all felt ready by delivery day? Any tips on what I should be doing to be more ready. I am more a hands on learner so I think that I will learn more on the walk through. Just feeling overwhelmed. John
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