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  1. I am slowly learning all the systems on #1290. We have a new ORBI router that has a main router in the basement and two satellite routers that communicate with the main router. We did a signal test inside the house and outside and there's a good strong signal now. The Vizio TV recognizes that the ORBI is available but when I put the password in during TV set-up it doesn't connect. No internet connection. Anyone have an idea what needs to be done? TIA John
  2. That was scary. I have seen ads for a fire blanket too for a kitchen fire as a lot of house fires start in the kitchen. Good that you were able to put out the fire. That must have been a frightening experience. John
  3. Good idea about just removing the sensors and batteries. John
  4. Great pictures! Same to you also. John
  5. How often do you have to change out the batteries on your tpms? Our TST lasts a year according to the packaging directions. I wrote to Matt today. John
  6. Bill, I have the ViAir air compressor which I plan to have with me. Initially I thought to get a couple extra for the spare tires, but if I should ever need to put the spare tire on, I figured that I could air up those spares and swap out the Tpms on the new tire. I think the batteries in those sensors only last a year. Might want to get eight batteries. John
  7. Good looking job that you did! Thanks John
  8. "We didn't use the awnings very much in the rain. The window vent I made, along with the added gutter, allowed us to keep the dinette window open, even in heavy rain. That's been enough so far." Do you have pictures of both of those? John
  9. We chose the second awning too. We picked up on November 7, so basically have only spent ten days in ours just around Hohenwald and the six days coming back to Oregon. Do you find that second awning useful? I think it will be good for being able to have cross ventilation even on rainy days. John
  10. I agree. We both camped in very cold temperatures coming back in November and the Truma furnace was able to keep me warm even at 5°
  11. I took our corded Toro leaf blower and it was very easy. Cordless would have been nice. I aimed the air parallel to the sides of vents and the a/c and I think I didn't blow any debris into the a/c. The unit sits on top of a roof of a trailer that goes at freeway speeds so I think they have thought about how to keep some things out. The key seems to be to just get them off before they decompose. Mine were fresh fallen leaves that came out easily. John
  12. Not a bad idea. Not sure if you're kidding or serious. John
  13. David, Quite right. At this stage they're just dry leaves that haven't decomposed. A leaf blower would be fast, but I'm not sure if blowing them off will get any leaf bits in the a/c. John
  14. Both Rivernerd and I boondocked coming back to the Pacific Northwest. He is #1291. I am #1290. We both used 14-15 % of the Lithium pro batteries using the furnace fan and some lights in sub zero temperatures with a Truma furnace for one night. We were both traveling during the day and the solar panels brought us back to nearly 100% even with mid November sunny or cloudy days. We weren't traveling together as we had a few days between our delivery day. In January in the Adirondacks, it will be even less sun. It sounds like you will hook up while there. You may not have city water with freezing temperatures at night. John
  15. Someone said maybe the gauge was wrong. I just paid, but wondered how they got 6.4 gallons in a 20# container! John
  16. Good point, it seems that condensation would only occur with differences of temperature and humidity. If stored with no heat and closed up, I am not sure where the problem is. Do you run a dehumidifier when it's stored with no heat? I have the heat on with a small heater during the day if I will be outside. Mostly I am not inside and I haven't seen any condensation yet on walls or windows. It's about 40° John
  17. I couldn't find a thread on this topic, but is there an easy, effective way to get leaves off the roof? I have the second awning also. I am hesitant to take a blower up the ladder where I might blow leaf bits into the MaxxFan or A/C. I have mostly vine maple leaves up there so they're small and haven't had time to decompose yet and make a big mess. Maybe a garden hose aimed very carefully with a nozzle? The trailer is out in the open and we plan to get the Calmark cover that OTT sells, but we don't have it yet. Thanks. John
  18. I suspect yours store well upright due to their thickness. Mine are maybe 7 inches thick and don't have the same mass as yours. Yours can support themselves on the sides where a thinner mattress can't. So many variables that it would seem that what works for some might not work for others. You must sleep great on those! John
  19. We picked up on Monday and left the area on Friday. I should have returned before leaving as I suspected that I smelled gas, but I thought maybe it's was just new furnace smells. My error actually in not returning. Lesson learned.
  20. Charlie, It was in Tennessee. Usually they take a screwdriver on the tank and turn off the gas when some escapes. They didn't do that there. I thought, maybe it's a new style tank. John
  21. I had a similar draw on our Lithium batteries in Wyoming. It was 5-10°f at night and I went from 100% to 84% soc with the furnace going for 12 hours. Driving in mostly sunny Utah/southern Idaho the solar panels brought the batteries back up to 97% soc the next day. When I went to fill up the propane tank from that one night, they only were able to put 0.6 gallon in. I wanted to see how much I had used.Oddly enough, after a week in Tennessee they put 6.4 gallons in one 20# tank. It was empty, but how is that even possible? I thought they only held 4.6 gallons when full. I watched him zero out the gauge. Still scratching my head on that one. Can a tank be over filled? John
  22. I have a gallon of that. I can put a red bow on it and no one will know it's a gallon of rv antifreeze.
  23. Hi y'all. Some of you know that I picked up #1290 on 11/7 and have now arrived back in Oregon where I discovered a gas leak from the flange nut on the Truma furnace. After weighing all the possibilities for a remedy, even considering just tightening the nut, I wrote Rodney Lomax who then talked to Jason Essary who contacted me and said he was now taking control of the gas leak ticket. Initially I was told by the service department it wasn't a warranty issue and I thought that was odd. That's why at the suggestion of a couple forum members, I wrote to see if they would pay for this repair. Jason assured me that they take gas leaks seriously and yes, OTT would make sure that a technician would fix the leak and test the propane system thoroughly. I made an appointment in Oregon which is two months out, but that's OK since we aren't going anywhere. Key points. 1, make sure you test everything out. Stay nearby, ideally at the OTT campground. 2, if something isn't quite right, let them know so it's fixed before leaving Hohenwald. 3, this company makes a good product and does everything they can to be transparent and will work with you to fix a problem. At this point I am still happy that I chose Oliver over some other brand. John
  24. Bill, That's the beauty of these campers. They're built like a sailboat. Next time you have to cross a river just float it across the water and rehook. Our son lives in Australia so I need to outfit it with a propeller and take my time crossing the ocean. I dread going through a city. On the way back to Oregon I avoided the cities by going around them. That must have been a white knuckle experience for you. I might add a better back up camera if it's like a rear view mirror. Between the regular dash, the tire pressure monitoring system and the back up camera monitor it's beginning to look like a Boeing 777. 🛩️ John
  25. Bill, yes, it's the Furrion camera. I went with that as OTT installs it. I don't know if it's the best on the market, but it works ok. At night the camera picks up glare from the three red lights at the base of the red Oliver sign making it hard to see. I don't know if there's a camera system that replicates the rear view mirror quality of vision. For my purposes, the camera works ok. John
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