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Cable organizer

Frank C

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Saw this on Amazon.  Looks like a nice simple way to keep the safety cables and wire harness up off the ground when at the campsite.  Anyone tried this?


Yes, have it and like it. This cover fits well over it well and, in my opinion, is just the right color scheme for an Ollie.

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I didn't purchase that cable hanger because I figured that since the "safety chains" are actually pigtail cables it would be easy enough to simply hook them over the tongue of the Ollie.  The emergency brake hook and cable I hook to the wires right under the fiberglass covering the tongue and the electric cable "wedges" nicely right behind the front jack.  However, I did get the "cap" that covers the electric cable in order to keep the dirt and rain out of it.



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That is a cool hanger but if you have the cargo tray it won’t work.


An 18” bungee cord works great to hang the Anderson parts, and when coupled to the tow vehicle you use it to wrap around the wire harness to keep it up off the ground.


John Davies


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It does not appear that the hooks on the current safety "chains" would fit through the holes in this optional equipment.

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I hook mine onto the side of the tongue box.  Keeps everything clean and costs nothing.


Speaking of "Pig Tail" style safety cables..... I really do NOT like them.   They are a PITA to connect and worse than a PITA to disconnect.  They were designed for people that pull their trailer with a host of different TV set-ups.  Which for my one trailer one TV situation is totally not necessary.  Chains are made to be cut to proper length.  When so cut, they do not drag in the dirt and are easy to connect and remove.


I bought a trailer with chains, but got a trailer with pig tail cables.  It was not an upgrade in my eyes.  Can I swap mine for chains PLEASE?



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