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How to Replace a Broken Bathroom Door Mirror?

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I'm looking for a step by step instructions for uninstalling a broken mirror and reinstalling a new mirror in the Bathroom Door. If you have, or know how, please forward to me. I've got a local glass company with the mirror, but don't want to undertake this without some instructions for taking the door apart.


Thank you,



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Duane -


I do know that this has been done by at least two Oliver owners and (hopefully) they will chime in here.  However, if it were me, I'd give Jason and/or Richie in the Service Department at Oliver a call.  I'm sure that they will be able to help you.



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I've successfully replaced a broken Bathroom Door Mirror. It was pretty darn easy, however I'm going to provide step-by-step instructions below for anyone who has any concerns about how to do it one's self.


Note: Be very careful handling glass! It's possible to get severe lacerations, if you're not reasonably careful. You may want to wear some light work gloves with silicone grippers on the fingers. Mirror has Safety Backing which is intended to keep broken mirror from having exposed sharp edges, but it's not perfect.


1) Order a new Safety Mirror w/Safety Backing in these dimensions 18.5" X 61" X 1/8" from your local glass store. I don't recommend picking it up until you have the broken one removed and can bring the Plastic Backing Board to provide added support for the new mirror when transporting it home.


2) Remove door from Ollie by unscrewing the 4 screws on the hinge side of the door inside the bathroom. When the last screw comes loose, be ready to carefully lift the entire door and hinge assembly from the fiberglass door opening.


3) Place the door on a open, flat surface. Begin by removing the 2 screws that hold the door handles to the frame, and set those aside. Next, remove the plastic door latch by removing it's screw, and set aside. Next, there are 4 screws, one per corner, that hold the aluminum frame together. It probably doesn't matter where you begin, but I started by removing the two screws on the long side opposite the hinge.  Set screws aside, and begin to gently work the aluminum frame from the mirror, the 1/8" plastic backing, and the silicone seal that holds the mirror in the frame. Once off, set aside. Move to either the top or bottom frame piece, Loosen until free, the screws that stay connected to the hinged frame piece. Carefully remove top and bottom frame pieces.  Finally, remove hinged side from mirror.


Note: Be sure to notice how the one piece silicone seal is placed on the mirror edges. Notice how it fits on the corners. You'll want to duplicate that exactly with the new mirror, if you want it to go back together easily.


3) Remove Silicone Seal and set aside. Carefully remove Plastic Backing Board from 1/8" mirror. It was glued to the mirror, so it may take some gentle prying. Mine came off easily because the glue was no longer holding them together.


4) Take Plastic Backing Board to glass shop to glue or tape to new mirror before transporting. Make sure your vehicle has a flat space long enough to support entire mirror. It would be a bummer if you hit a bump and it broke before you got home. New mirror cost me $130


5) Begin reassembly by removing tape if it was used to keep backing board on mirror. Place Silicone Seal on new mirror exactly the way it was on the broken mirror. I recommend starting with the hinged side first. Very gently work the mirror, backing board and silicone seal into the hinged frame piece such that the top and bottom frame pieces will fit perfectly to the 45 degree angle cuts. This allows for perfect screw and threaded holes to align perfectly.


6) Gently press top/bottom frame pieces onto mirror/backing board/silicone seal such that they match perfectly with hinged piece. Screw the top and bottom screws from the hinged side into the top and bottom pieces.


7) Now install the other long frame piece until it matches perfectly with the top/bottom pieces. Once together, install the two screws you set aside.


8) Now you can reinstall it into the trailer. Simply lift into place such that frame holes align holes in fiberglass opening. Replace screws till tight.


9) Lastly, reinstall Aluminum handles and Plastic Latch.


Voile! You have a new mirror which you will never allow to break again because you learned your lesson the first time, as I did LOL.

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