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Cabinet Hinge?

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Has anyone with the frosted glass cabinet doors had a problem with the hinges coming lose? We have a couple of times. Today as I lightly banged [lol] a  door shut, with one hand, the whole door flew off! The screws, clear plastic washers, and sliver outside bolt fell off onto my semi-unmade bed. :) Steve found everything except a clear washer. He used a small piece of paper instead.


So, my question is --- has anyone else had this happen to them & if so, do you have a solution? As these doors come loose previously &/or a hinge has become dislodged I have gotten into the habit of tightening the bolts occasionally. 20190527_112233.thumb.jpg.6d60b855b00ab80a2ede59f79b8a8fc0.jpg



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I've had them come loose but not fall off as yours did.  After tightening those three or four times I re-assembled them with a couple of drops of Locktite (blue) on each bolt.  They have not come loose since.




p.s.  be careful to not overtighten and see if you can find that washer.  The plastic can crack if you overtighten.

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