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  1. No pans come with the oven. I have 8”, 10”, and 12” cake pans one of each. Also a pie pan and a 12” pizza pan. These all nest together quite well. I have silicone muffin cups that I use with the pizza pan. I like to bake. Well actually a more accurate statement would be “I like to eat baked goods”.
  2. I have the same three batteries. One always seemed to never discharge or charge as fast as the other two. A physical check of my battery bank revealed the + connection on the offending battery was loose. I couldn’t tell by trying to wiggle it as the short cables are too stiff. But a wrench quickly found the issue. Since it’s been snugged up they all stay very close on charge/ discharge rates.
  3. How do you cook at home? Do you frequently use your oven at home? If you do you will like having the convection feature. We spend a lot of time in our EII, and we rarely go to restaurants. That we were ordering the convection / microwave was a given. In the past two weeks I’ve made: Muffins, biscuits, a whole chicken, and a loaf of whole wheat sourdough bread. We use it both on and off grid.
  4. Thank you for your reply. Please let me know what your eventual solution is. As there is always more to learn.
  5. What was the battery voltage reading before you hooked up shore power? I would suspect low battery voltage. The inverter will not turn on if the battery voltage is below a set threshold. The interior lights run on 12v they do not need the inverter to function. Any 12v digital device can exhibit strange behavior with low voltage. Leave it plugged into shore power for a few hours. Then try the lights again.
  6. If a modern tank is functioning correctly it can not be overfilled. Modern tanks have a internal shutoff valve that only allows a specific liquid level. Of course there is always the possibility that it is not functioning correctly.
  7. I’ve washed more than once at a normal self service car wash. Most have a taller bay that you can definitely fit in. While on the road I don’t try to get it spotless, but sometimes I just gota get some of that dirt n bugs off.
  8. I appreciate the effort that you put into this post. My soc percentage on the app and battery voltages never seemed to correlate. After reading your post I have flashed firmware. Hopefully the new firmware will do a better job. Thank you.
  9. Hopefully I can continue to have the tape on the aav. The service or replacement of the valve will wait until this winter when I am not living in the trailer. It screws on but the propane supply to the stove is routed directly on top of the aav so it’ll wait.
  10. I understand the purpose of the aav, but I do not think that there will ever be a big enough flow down that drain to need the aav to break the suction caused by the water in the drain pipe. I was uncertain about the venting of the gray tank without the aav and the shower valve being closed. Today I dumped a 3/4 full gray tank with the tape on the aav and the shower valve closed. The gray water flowed out in a big stream. There was no gurgling as though the tank needed air to enter. I think the tank is still vented even with the shower valve closed.
  11. We sold our Tiffin class A diesel pusher last spring and picked up hull 845 July 2nd. We have been living in Oliver since then and have logged about 3,000 miles. There have been a few issues with Oliver, and I expected there would be. One was Oliver’s fault. The ac plug on the fridge came loose. The factory had put a zip tie around the plug, but someone forgot to actually zip the tie. That was an easy fix as I had been reading the forums, thank you to everyone who posted about the ac fridge issue. The other two issues were parts supplier related. The auto switching propane regulator failed when it attempted to auto switch. It would not allow propane to flow from either bottle. Not good since we were boondocking. A trip to a hardware store to purchase a single regulator and attaching it to Oliver allowed us to use propane until Oliver sent a new regulator. The third problem was a bad smell inside the trailer. At first we noticed it only after a travel day. Then it gradually grew persistent. I tracked it down to the air admittance valve in the kitchen sink drain line. It is in the upper right hand corner of the cabinet behind the cook top. A piece of duct tape around the offending fixture confirmed my suspicion of the offending part. It looks to be a pita to replace I’m sure it’s code, but I’m not sure it’s needed in this application. We usually don’t have hookups so we don’t run large amounts of water down that sink. It may work fine without a vacuum break. Time will tell. Overall I am very happy with the trailer and it is living up to my expectations. We will be traveling for at least two more months I think we have the initial bugs sorted.
  12. My driving partner, in a panic, terrified me by over correcting with a sharp right, then over correcting with a sharp left, then another over correction to the right. I was sure that a life changing event was beginning. But the combination of anti sway on the truck, the Anderson hitch, and the Oliver design actually straightened out the induced sway. I’m a believer in all three.
  13. It took me a bit to figure out the two switches too. It didn’t help that we were told at orientation that the inside one was to turn on the electric and the outside one was for the propane.
  14. A 10” round cake pan fits on the rack perfectly and sees the most use. I also use an 8” round cake pan occasionally.
  15. Our street side awning is out about 4’ right now. Where we are currently parked the street side is due south. I don’t have to use the window shades to keep the sun out. I use it enough to be glad I have it.
  16. I can’t comment on the difference from AGM to lithium. I upgraded our last rv from 6v flooded to lithium. It was a night and day difference. After having experience with lithium I didn’t hesitate when ordering the Oliver I wanted lithium again.
  17. High point in our 2021. We picked up hull 845 on July 2nd and I baked bread in the convection oven 2 days later. It works great.
  18. Contact Oliver and set up a viewing. It helped us tremendously to see one in person and spend some time with an actual owner. Unless you see the two for yourself your not going to know if the E-I is big enough or if you should wait to get an E-II.
  19. I’ve been lurking here for a while, and even asked a few questions. I figured it was about time for the introduction. We are Stevon & Mary. We have had a class A motorhome for the last 5 years, but have been wanting something smaller. We want to get to places that we were not able to with out motorhome. Plus I realized I was hauling around a lot of stuff that I really didn’t need. We are very excited to be getting our Oliver. Definitely looking forward future rallies.
  20. If you are looking at RV Trader as a buyer you can pick one of those pre formatted messages by clicking a box instead of typing your own question. You should reply to those messages. A simple “yes” was my reply to the “is it still for sale” question. If someone used the “more photos” message I would ask what area of the RV they wanted to see more photos of. Selling an RV requires a good deal of patience. You will be asked questions that have answers clearly stated in your ad. Remember you are dealing with the public, and by definition at least 50% of them are below average intelligence.
  21. Here is our former Tiffin class A motorhome being driven away by its new owners. The timing is perfect as we were less than two weeks away from needing to put down the 50% deposit on our Oliver. We are really looking forward to July 14 our scheduled pick up date.
  22. We won’t get our Eii until July and will not be able to do any custom work until next winter. I think this idea is great. I look forward to seeing pictures of the final project.
  23. Frank, thank you for that information.
  24. We pick up our Eii in July. I am sorting through the things in our current class A rv Obviously not everything I’ve been hauling around is going to fit in the Oliver. I have been taking 35’ of sewer hose two 10’ and one 15’. Will someone tell me how many feet of standard sewer hose they store in the bumper. Thank you.
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