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I have a 2018 Oliver Elite and need to replace the white window gaskets (seals or bands) sealing the dinette sliding window. Whether it has been the extreme temps or excessive humidity the seals seem to have shrunk and loosened enough that I am concerned they will leak more than just a plugged weep hole produces. I have yet to find the correct seals on amazon and I am hoping somebody here knows the correct brand or name for what I need. Having a roll of this material would be helpful as Florida mold makes for a bit of constant maintenance in keeping the white gaskets clean as well. Not interested in cleaning products as I already have what I need. I need the gasket material Oliver uses. Hate to bother Jason with this request and I am hoping somebody here has already figured it out. Thanks.  

roguebooks 2020 Ram Classic 1500 Warlock 4x4 Hemi V-8 2018 Legacy Elite, Hull #309  ALARCOFLINKYLAMIMSMONMOKTNTXsm.jpg

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The Hehr p/n is H109-376. It comes in both black and white so be sure your source will permit you to specify which.

I order Hehr parts from Pelland Enterprises pellandent.com (aka rvwindow.com). Great service.

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I replaced mine in May 2019 and it just may be the best $100 I ever spent.  You will need 5' for each large window and 2' for the bath on an LEII or 17'.


Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL   LEII #193 “the dog house”



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