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Battery Charging during storage

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 On my previous trailer I would pull the battery and store it in my garage.  I used a battery tender trickle charger to keep it charge. I was concerned the convert would fry the batteries and overcharge them in the course of several weeks. I am thinking the converter on the new Oliver is smart enough to act as a tender and I can just keep the trailer plugged into power. I have a 30 amp  plug already wired for backyard camping. Would this group agree? 

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A great number of our owners who are lucky enough to have an available outlet keep their trailers plugged in while in storage. Some people even run the refrigerator,  and heaters between the hulls or in the cabin.

Others, like us,  depend on solar to keep theirs charged. 

Our charger converter is designed to step down to "float" when the battery is charged. I've yet to hear of anyone who had an overcharging issue.

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The current systems in the Oliver's are designed to manage the battery charge appropriately while on continuous shore power. Depending on battery type, you may need to perform some sort of battery maintenance. My AGM's require nothing extra. While the Zamp equipment doesn't provide a ton of information, for most of us, its sufficient., and the onboard charge/power management system works in the background keeping things up to snuff. 

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