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Fun with the Dexter Recall


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Having received the Dexter recall I rushed out to buy my first ever torque wrench. I thought I got a pretty good deal for $15 from Harbor freight but then received a flyer that it was on sale for one day only for $10. After I sheared off a 3/8 drive extension I now have a new 1/2” universal joint and extension. After making sure everything was tight I decided I would still take it to Bubba's trailer repair and Jerky stand to get it checked out and have some official paperwork for the recall. They decided they wanted it in one of the repair bays so I unhooked and watched my baby hauled off by tractor and backed in missing the side of the concrete block wall by 4 inches. I decided to hang around for a look see. The first guy grabs his impact wrench and starts for the wheel. I pipe up saying that the job does not require taking off the wheels. A second guy shows up after having presumably read the recall instructions and says something in Spanish and there was no more impact wrench wielding. Now the search began for an extension. I offered one out of my tool box but at this point the service manager came over and told me they had a very nice waiting room. I observed from afar and they were done in 30 minutes. Now to drag it out of the bay and hook up. Well the trailer would not come off the ball of the tractor. This led to repeated slamming up and down on the jack. I couldn't believe it. The moral of the story...If you have a good shop for your Oliver, buy them lunch once in a while and leave a good Google review for the rest of us.

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Interesting story!  A good repair shop is nice to have. We go to a local guy who is very good and at least one other Oliver is serviced there. Too bad we all don’t live close to Hohenwald when it’s service time!

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I'm really sorry.  

A year ao, or more, Jason started a thread on referrals to service agents with good success. I need to find it, and resurrect it.

We, too, have had one really bad experience with one local dealer, and stellar results with a few others. In tampa bay, (pinellas/pasco side) o'Dell trailers for brakes, bearings and axle, camping world port richey for warranty service on ancillary systems like fridges are both great.


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Oliver Serv. Dept.  referred me to Tri am Rv center located in Ocala, Florida. They are a small family operated Rv dealership. I was skeptical about bringing my Oliver to any Rv dealer for warranty repair.  Oliver service dept. nailed it. This dealership provided Great Service,  Big thanks to Oliver serv dept.  Call the service dept. first they are a great help finding the right Rv dealerships for repairing your Ollie.

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Hmmm, Sorry to hear your story, the "Fun" headlines seemed inviting, I can see it was anything but. I realize I'm probably on the fringe, but unless I'm directed to take my Ollie to a "professional" shop it won't be going. If its a warranty issue, I make the trek to Oliver, I've had great service from them, otherwise, I'll do it. 

If I'm in the hinterlands, I'm going to consult the Oliver referrals. I must admit I'm pretty wary of the RV fixit industry. 

Glad it worked out.


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Your experience was not unusual. Unfortunately.....

For all owners.... If you can use a mobile RV tech, I strongly suggest this approach. You can watch and chat with the tech and you won’t have to see your trailer smack a concrete wall. Just Google “Mobile RV service”, maybe you will find a good one that you can count on for future work. Even with a travel fee, it will probably be less costly than a shop. And certainly less traumatic.

John Davies

Spokane WA

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We used a mobile tech as there are no RV dealers or repair shops near by.  Additionally our trailer had been winterized, cleaned and stored inside our unheated barn.  I didn't want to take it out on to winter salty roads without a way to clean the trailer again until spring.  We are new to RV and don't yet have a relationship with an RV dealer and the closest one is 40 miles away.  We got a referral to a mobile technician.  

I agree with others, I was able to be with the technician and no one was moving our new trailer around.  I could witness the work, ask questions, and learn.  

My experience was very favourable and if I need service again, I will call this technician again.

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