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Fans for the assurance of domestic tranquility


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Anyone have a fan solution for the Elite II twin configuration where each twin bed has its own dedicated fan, preferably with remotes?  Perhaps an odd request, but there are limits which must be addressed in order to maintain a more perfect union, establish justice, and insure domestic tranquility.


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We purchased two small Lemoistar USB powered suction cup fans that we have attached next to the USB/12V plugs, under the upper cabinets.  They are very quite and have worked very well for us.  They are not the best quality but I tried much more expensive options from Caframo and found the $10 fan on Amazon was the best for our purpose.

They are not remote controlled but they use such little power, they can be left on low most of the time.





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I seem to remember that John Davies installed a caframo fan. I'll see if I can find the post for you.

I'd probably recommend a pair of Caframo Sirocco II fans if I were in your situation.  The Sirocco model has been around for decades, highly rated by users, and tested and recommended by Practical Sailor. The Sirocco fan does not have a remote, but it has a timer with three settings, and moves a lot of air for .38 amps on high. It can fold up and out of the way when not in use, and offes 360 degrees of directional airflow adjustment. Mounting hardware included.




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My single Caframo located in the rear curbside corner works extremely well and it sips power (0.35 amps on High). Normally it is pointed down a few degrees and rotated in a 45 degree angle toward the street bed, where my wife sleeps. We both sleep head to the front, so we get the air on our faces. Even on Low or Medium speed she gets plenty of air, I get enough leakage to stay comfortable. If I am camping alone I point it towards my side. I highly recommend this fan, you could always install two and both have full control, though as noted above they are not remote control.

Yes they are pricey, but I look at expensive upgrades as “making it easier to resell the trailer” though you never ever get back your investment in the upgrade part and labor cost. If the labor is your own, it is easier to deal with.


These really are quite nice, and I think Oliver should offer a pair of them as factory options.

John Davies

Spokane WA


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1 hour ago, MovingVistas said:

insure domestic tranquility.

I agree wholeheartedly! My wife is quite sensitive to the temperature, and I wanted to try a fan to make her more comfortable. 

We sleep with our heads at the rear, and I thought @John E Davies's fan was too large for our needs. I found the Caframo Ultimate 747 12V 2-Speed 7" Fan w/Lighter Plug for $46.


It has two mounting options. One mount is a suction cup. The other is a permanent mount that can be screwed into the underside of the overhead cabinet. The mount is about 3 inches tall, and the fan is easily removed from and reattached to the mount.

My initial plan was to use the permanent mount, and I had plans to either tie it into the 12 V system, or to install a 12 V cigarette plug receptacle into the overhead cabinet using some of the guidance John Davies provided in this post. (Our trailer has only two cigarette lighter receptacles, one under the dinette and one above the kitchen. Susan sleeps on the street side bed, so they would not be closeby.) 


I decided to first use the suction cup mount to decide on an optimal location to place the fan. The fan power cord was not long enough to reach the dinette, so I used a 120 V plug--transformer--cigarette plug receptacle adaptor that we have for a 12V ice chest, as an extension cord. 

This fan worked really quite well, and Susan was pleased. She decided that she did not want the permanent mount, but preferred the suction cup option. The suction cup was plenty strong, and we even drove with the fan attached, without problems. So in the interest of domestic tranquility, we are not using the permanent mount. We also have much greater flexibility in where to place the fan using the suction cup.

When removed from the underside of the cabinet, the fan is quite small and stores easily. In future we will use the suction cup mount, along with either the 120 V plug--transformer--cigarette plug receptacle adaptor. The extension cord traveled nicely behind the dinette cushions and below the pantry door. I have found extension cords on Amazon with cigarette plug and cigarette plug receptacle receptacle at each end, and we might try that instead.  

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On 11/30/2020 at 1:10 PM, Calypso said:

We had these on our boat and were one of the first mods to the Oliver. They work great.




Thanks to everyone for the great fan feedback.

Bonus points to @Calypso for providing the answer to a need I wasn't aware existed until I showed my wife the photo he included in his response showing the location of his fans.  Evidently we need two of those armchair cushions too.


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I agree, the Sirocco ll fans are tops! I did not want a permanent mount, so I used heavy duty Velcro to secure the fans (His and Hers) in optimum locations to maximize their use and be more obscure. One over each bed at the cabin rear and another curbside at mid-cabin (see pic) to better serve the galley and dinette areas, as needed. If you look closely, the white Velcro to secure the rear curbside fan is hardly noticeable. The fans are stowed in the attic when not in use or underway. I did alter the wiring to facilitate use of the 12v female lighter sockets of proximity. The rear street side fan cable loops through the cord hole servicing the TV to the socket in the attic, and for now the rear curbside is routed through the attic doorway until I make a hole to route it in similar fashion as the street side. I utilize the under counter socket above the cooktop for mid-cabin fan use. I installed DC 2.1x5.5mm female socket jacks and connected the fans’ stock power wire internally in each. I then altered two DC 2.1x5.5mm power plug extension cables by replacing the female end with a male lighter socket plug connector. This set up now allows for ‘plug and play’ versatility if I want to use the fans in my TV or an outdoor setting. 


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I love my Camfro fan, it folds up out of the way and it being "gimble" can be turned in dozens of directions/ positions....check the utube videos ...made in Canada by a company that has been in business since 1955. I also purchased this $ 20 fan which is rechargeable with usb and I use it outside clipped onto my side table. It came from amazon. 






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