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New Ford F-150 onboard inverter


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if this does not fall under this "Thread", please move and let me know where it should go.

this was placed on the FB Ollie Page abt 4 hrs ago.  some of you may be aware of it, i know there has been discussion on it.  maybe those interested are already aware.

Game changer? The new 2021 Ford F150 Hybrid with it's massive 7.2kW – Pro Power Onboard will charge your Ollie! No need for a generator or even solar? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz4PHOZJhgA

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I moved this to a new topic/thread.  

I watched the video... I can see some definite advantages to being able to power your trailer from your tow vehicle in certain circumstances.  For me, I don’t see that replacing a dedicated generator for normal day to day use.  I wouldn’t want to be running my truck for long periods of time to power the inverter.  Mike

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Interesting - a generator disguised as a Ford Truck. I find it amusing - as many seek out alternative means of energy to replace the old carbon based systems- too often the consequences of said "new clean" energy source are ignored.  A turbo powered, carbon fuel based engine to power an inverter system - to supply the electrical current needed to run  an RV, a worksite, a whatever - are are all wrapped in a package of coolness - labeled a  hybrid -  A pig with new age lipstick.

I suppose one could use the PTO of a similar new age truck to mechanically run a generator/inverter - add some brightly flashing gauges, a few cool monitors depicting power usage - add a battery bank as a buffer (stored under the bed)  Yes it would not be as efficient - but none the less - its the same thing - massive overkill in cost, and fuel usage. 

No luddite here - just a common sense, rational thinking human. 

It is a long and winding road.



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Russell, I am with you on the KISS side of the argument: Keep It Simple Stupid. I even have that as a prominent sticker on my home tool chest.....  I wonder how an F150 owner will feel when an out of warranty inverter (or related component) failure rears it’s ugly head? Are these devices user repairable? The most expensive part on your typical Honda EU2000i is the inverter unit, a brand new replacement is $400+, with used ones costing a third of that. Installation takes a few minutes. I would like to see an illustrated parts list with prices and a labor flat rate chart for the Ford, please.

There is bound to be some unpleasantness from close neighbors in the campground. I already carry a small dead-blow mallet for pounding stakes into the ground and for mechanical repairs. Maybe I will start carrying a couple of large baking potatoes. One plugging each exhaust tip would do the job I think. Add a little olive oil before installing and it would smell like French fries. 😬

Or maybe a bunch of party horns. ....  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ht35P7GnvuQ

Bah humbug.

Stay well. Merry Christmas.

John Davies

Spokane WA


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A number of years ago, prior to finding Oliver, I was camped in Yellowstone National Park.  Unfortunately I got up one morning and found that my battery was almost dead.  Not having a generator nor solar panels I was left with the Toyota Tacoma and its convenient outlet at the rear of the truck which produced 110v power.  I did have a smart charger with me and in a matter of minutes I had everything hooked up  with my battery soaking the juice in.  About that time there was a knock on my door - it was the camp host.  He informed me (which I already knew) that generators were not allowed in that campground.  I explained that I was aware of this, but, this is a vehicle at idle - not a generator.  Unfortunate for me, his definition of a generator was different from mine.  Later, in thinking about his definition, I understood.  Perhaps I was a bit quieter and perhaps a bit more discrete but, indeed, I was using my truck as a generator.

At least in some camp grounds JD's potatoes will not be needed.


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Well I wouldn't get it just for the ability to use it instead of a generator but I don't dismiss the  actual benefits of the hybrid tech  it uses out of hand. I just saw MPG estimates for the truck that were something like 26/25 in 2WD and  24/24 in 4WD which is a nice improvement versus their similarly powered non-hybrid gas engine systems (and yes there's a cost for this both in the  purchase price and down  the road as well but there  are costs of burning  more gas that  we don't have to directly bear in the  price of  the  gas also...). Yes, regenerative braking and so forth add complexity so it doesn't follow the KISS principle but frankly my take is that none of the vehicles I've had are true KISS systems since I sold my '67 VW Beetle. 😜

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