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Well, thought I should finally say Hello.  
I am Dewey McCollough, the better half is Julie, and the boss is our 7 pound toy poodle Isaac.  We reside in South central Florida during the nicer (winter) months and try to be else where during the summers.  We owned a 43 ft Newmar Dutch Star for several years, did ALOT of traveling in it, saw a lot, and enjoying it all very much.  We also realized we were having to skip lots of places we wanted to go because of our size.  So, after after careful thought we sold the bus last October and placed our order for a Legacy II.  Our pickup date is August 5, ( hull number not yet asked, or known) and looking forward to that event.  Earlier in our lives we had a 18 ft trailer, can still remember those days and constraints, so we are going into this size/space downsize with our eyes wide open.

Before, but especially since placing our order I have spent countless hours reading the various topics on the Forums, while my wife has spent at least an equal amount of time perusing Facebook.  Lots of information and opinions out there.....the good, the bad, and the ugly!  I have gained tons of valuable insight into owning an Ollie, but am well aware there is plenty I do not know.  I am sure I will be asking questions and for Help as our adventures unfold.




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Welcome & congratulations! We are new Oliver owners as well. We picked ours up on 02.22 and also downsized - previously towed a 42' 5th wheel with 5 slides - for the same reasons you listed. It is taking a bit of getting used to but we LOVE the trailer! August will be here before you know it 🙂


Charlie & Cindy / Cleburne, TX / 2021 Elite II Hull #743 / 2013 Ford F250 Diesel 4WD Supercab

States we've camped in our Oliver:


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Welcome.  Looking forward to recaps on the adjustments to the Smaller Oliver. The smaller paces hold much to experience. 

Happy Trails


Cindy,  Russell and  "Harley dog" . Home is our little farm near Winchester TN

2018 Oliver Legacy Elite II - 2018 GMC 2500 Duramax 

"Die young - As late as possible"





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Hey Dewey, welcome!  We’ve been able to fit our trailer into some pretty tight spots, so you will open up a bunch of camping as you know from your 18’ experience.  Lots of question answerers and opinion givers here!  Mike

Texas Hill Country | 2016 Elite II #135 | 2020 Ram 2500 6.7L


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Congratulations.  Every rv lives big on the outside. We've loved the compact space of our Oliver, for 13 seasons.

Enjoy! And, we'll look forward to photos from those new smaller (and often awesome) spaces you find.

2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

Florida and Western North Carolina, or wherever the truck goes....

400 watts solar. DC compressor fridge. No inverter. 2 x 105 ah agm batteries .  Life is good.




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Start looking for that hull number shortly after your Ollie goes into production.

Obviously, you may be new to the Oliver world but you're an old timer in the RV world.  Probably we could learn a thing or two from you!



2023 Ford F150 Lariat 3.5EB FX4 Max Towing, Max Payload, 2016 Oliver Elite II - Hull #117 "Twist"

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