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Registering a new LE2 in California

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We live in Shasta County in Northern California, and will be taking delivery of our LE2 in September 2021. For those (few) Ollie owners in California, what was your experience in registering the trailer with the DMV like? I was told by an agent at our local AAA office that in addition to processing any paperwork, the trailer would have to be brought to a DMV office for inspection. Thanks for any feedback.

2021 Legacy Elite 2 Twin Bed (Fall 2021 delivery) | Ram 1500 Longhorn 4x4 3.0L EcoDiesel 3.92 axle

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I registered 2 weeks ago, new, in Ventura county at AAA. It took less than 30 minutes with a reservation, which was required for out of state, although California tax is pretty high (almost $5,000). 

For an out of state vehicle, I had to have the trailer VIN personally inspected by the AAA person. They need to see both VINs. The 2 labels were acceptable. Otherwise, would have had to take it to CHP. I stamped the vin in two locations on the frame after going to AAA  

My AAA did all, the registration, VIN verification and took my money. 

They reviewed the Oliver delivery paperwork, mainly the registration document. 

My AAA office, in Camarillo, has at least 5 people who handle DMV stuff

i am sure an AAA in Redding would be able to handle it. 

Call if you need more help, 805 two one six, 2569



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Just as a data point.


Texas out of state used trailer:

Inspection ( only first time since under 7500 lbs)

Weight Certificate

Photos front and side 

Two state forms to be completed

 Title with signatures 


…will know if that’s enough later today. Some of this seems to be county specific. 


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Thanks for the information, John. Now I'm curious why my local AAA office told me they could not handle the registration.

Update: I just called my local AAA office again - AAA offices in Southern California and Northern California are owned by different companies, with different rules regarding vehicle registration.

2021 Legacy Elite 2 Twin Bed (Fall 2021 delivery) | Ram 1500 Longhorn 4x4 3.0L EcoDiesel 3.92 axle

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